Our fashion industry

I love fashion, I love the mirror and I love to dress and make up. I also spend so much of my time on my phone surfing the internet and catching up the juiciest gist on Linda Ikeji’s blog. Then one day I said to myself, rather than allow my life to waste away I can actually combine what I love doing and what I spend so much time doing, I decided to blog on fashion. Well today  is not about me but its about fashion, lovelies.

Fashion is a popular style or practice especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, make up, body piercing and the likes. Now the question we may likely ask ourselves is what makes all of this popular. All of this is made popular by those who make use of it. All of this is made popular by human beings.

In this part of the world many of us are laid back such that we allow other countries to dictate the pace for us in fashion.  Many a time we imitate the fashion styles of other counties without necessarily creating our own fashion trends. This of course makes us as a country lag behind in the fashion industry.

I am of the candid opinion that we as Nigerians can also set fashion trends and create our own style.We can atually make them do it our own way. We can take a cue from the top countries  in the fashion industry.

We can be the Italy of our time or the  Paris of tomorrow. These countries did not come into fashion. They made it so. Fashion was not given to them on a platter of gold. They made it happen instead.

Rather than  sit back and allow other countries take the lead in fashion,  we can do this. Fashion needs us and we need fashion.









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