One cloth, too many

I am really not sure of the word to use, is it boredom or idleness?? But anyone of these words has a way of getting at you. It is very important that when any of this creeps into our lives, we need to do the needful.
We need to get up from that bed, sofa, chair whatever it is and do something meaningful with our lives. Remember an idle mind is the devil workshop nd boredom kills, am not sure of the second statement tho…lol.
Most times whenever I am bored I do a lot of stupid things like getting my self made up even before having my bath. Some other time, I can just like to dress up and do a lot of combo with my clothes. That is how bad I love fashion. Other days I just put whatever I have in my mind into pen and paper.
Well, as it is today, boredom again has found its way into my soul..hehehe!!. And this has got me into writing. What would I be writing today again oh😓… Ok, I remember now. I’d be writing on how to wear one outfit in different ways.
It is this aspect of fashion I like, this reason is not far fetched. The reason I like to wear one outfit in different ways is because i dont have enough clothes and I don’t think any girl can have enough clothes. In fact nothing is ever enough so we are all in the same shoes..*tongue out*.


This is a bodycon dress that I can wear in three to four ways and I know so many of us can wear this in much more different ways.
I recently had an interview and I ran out of what to wear because I was far away from home as at the time i was called for the interview. I borrowed a jacket from a friend and wore it over my bodycon dress without even thinking twice and it worked for me.
The second outfit was for an outing in the evening and I felt what better way can I wear this bodycon dress but not as a bodycon dress, no better way than wearing dat maxi skirt over dat bodycon dress.
I can also wear my bodycon dress on an highwaist trouser. Blue, black or white can do the job for you….. Thank you lovelies for your time even if I do not have anyone yet dat gets to read my blog posts but I am seeing into the future already. I know someday I’ll be like Linda ikeji. Am outta here

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