My Summer break in Abuja; highlighting places you need to visit

In real terms, there is really no such season as summer in this clime ‘Nigeria’ but on a wider scale, summer times are applicable to many other countries in America and Europe. I guess the influence of other countries is rubbing off on Nigerians and in Nigeria

So when we use this season ‘summer’ it’s basically because it falls within June and August and during this times Nigerians leave the country for other countries to spend their summer break. It’s quite hard for Nigerians to travel within their country during this period.
If you are just like me looking for a place other than where you live to have a break and cool off, then it’s really not bad to move to another state and explore new places. For this summer break, I travelled to Abuja and wasted no time on being on the look out for places, hangouts and restaurants to visit

One of the places I visited was Cakehut and as the name implies it’s a place where they sell cakes and everything related. However they have broadened their services to include other delicacies.
One major thing that got me struck was the interior. Cake hut cafe isn’t the regular cafes we see around. I like the artsy vibes that come with it with the whole raffia palms, mats that basically went into the interior.
summer break
I had brown cake with whipped cream and caramel sauce dripping and I can say for a fact that it’s the best I have had in a while. I also had their orange juice mixed with ginger and it wasn’t a bad one. There are a lot of things on their menu which to a large extent isn’t pricey
If you are looking to visit this place. The address is River plate park, Ahmadu bello way, Abuja

Millenium Park
Summer break
Everyone who is familiar with Abuja knows for a fact that Abuja and parks are like two peas in a pod. There are a variety of parks in Abuja and it basically stems from the fact that there are still vast areas of empty land in Abuja.
Going to parks and having picnics is a great way to unwind and Abuja gives you all of this in multiple areas. If you are a blogger and you are looking for a location to take pictures and create content, then Millenium park is the place to go

Coco Cafe
Coco cafe isn’t aesthetically pleasing when it comes to interior of places. If you are just one person that is majorly concerned about food, then coco cafe it is. I ordered Chicken and chips and I loved every bit of it. Their chicken was adequately spiced with just the right proportion of pepper and chips was crispy enough. Delivery and service was swift too. It’s not the nicest place to take pictures but it’s a very good place to quench your hunger with very tasty meals

IF you are looking to visit, it’s located at 466, Alex Ekwueme way, opposite Jabi Park

Jabi Boat Club

Located just close to the Jabi lake is Jabi boat club, little wonder it’s named Jabi boat club. It’s a great way to chill and relax, oh did I mention that you can go on a boat cruise here.
They offer a wide range of delicacies here but i would rather you go for what you already know, this is because the last time I tried to get what I wasn’t familiar with, I didn’t like the result.
But for this particular summer time here, I only took a drink of which I didn’t finish because it had a lot of vodka on it.

If you are looking to visit, it’s located at 26, Alex ekwueme way, Nera hotel water front, Abuja.

Over to you guys, where is that one place that you can’t wait to visit in Nigeria. I would love to hear your thoughts down at the comment section

10 comments on “My Summer break in Abuja; highlighting places you need to visit

  1. Congratulations it’s a beautiful article and straight to the point. You are powerful writer and your description of the places and event is just natural. I like it keep it up. You will soon go places. Congrats.

  2. Great content, I love your write up. You must have really had alot of fun and I love your outfits. For me i cant wait to visit Obudu Cattle Ranch, for any summer visit I would love to go there.

  3. Travelling is one of my hobbies I hold in high esteem. I have been to Abuja before but never visited this place . Will be on the look out when next I visit. Obudu on my mind. Great piece and cute pics.

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