How to stay sane in this world of social media

social media
social media
We live in a world of social media where everything is done FOR the social media and done BY the social media. Quite frankly, social media can be inundating. There are the gains of social media and so are the pains and if social media isn’t used right, it could become more like a nightmare.
Social media should be used for making new friends and connecting with old friends, keeping abreast with information and the happenings in the world and as a marketing tool but when we have things that come for free or almost for free we tend to abuse such things, one in this case is THE SOCIAL MEDIA.
More than ever before social media is being abused as so many people live their lives on social media and do not have private lives anymore. Many of us have totally lost it and find it hard to create a balance between social media and life itself.
This post isn’t intended for influencers, bloggers or business owners on social media as some people might think. It’s for everyone who benefits or is affected by the current surge of social media.
With all of this happening, how do we remain sane. Below are some tips that can help
social media
Put away that phone: This is stating the obvious, you can’t be with something that makes you feel insane and because our mobile phones seem like a matter of necessity, discarding it might look impossible. How about putting it away for some time. During that time, you can reflect and meditate on the word of God, you can engage in other fun activities, you could watch television, go to the cinemas or do something different. We shouldn’t go all about thinking our lives solely depends on social media because it doesn’t
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Take a break: This particular tip should interest the business vendors more on social media. Many times we get ourselves all worked up and try to do too much when it comes to marketing our businesses. I was a victim of this and to think that I was enjoying my life is a far cry from the truth. I was loosing my myself more and the earlier I realized it the better for me. I was completely immersed in this thing called social media and it started taking the better of me until I took that break and oh boy did it feel good. This clearly works, every one needs that break even if some of us like to think that we are super humans. We could have a retreat, re-evaluate our business lives, set and reset goals and objectives, think about the next step. All this can only be done when we take that break
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Encourage yourself: Everyone is doing pretty well on social media. Any progress at all is progress no matter how paced it might seem. We should try to appreciate and celebrate our small wins, encourage ourselves more, pat ourselves on the back, enjoy the little things because it’s not all that easy. Many of us are caught up in the bigger picture that we forget to appreciate the little things that brought us this far. It’s about time we appreciated ourselves just a little more
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Stop the comparison, Start the collaboration: It’s natural to compare ourselves with other people in the same line with us, but what is rather abnormal and evil is when we start getting envious of their achievements. Your time would definitely come if you are putting in the much needed efforts. If you are actually comparing yourselves to inspire confidence in your or to get some sort of inspiration, this is good but if otherwise and we feel envious of the other person this is actually unhealthy. More often than not it does more harm than good. We should all learn to be inspired by others
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I’m pretty sure with these tips in mind, we would be able to create a balance and stay sane in this world of social media. Don’t forget to drop your comments, would really love to hear from you

8 thoughts on “How to stay sane in this world of social media

  1. I love your hair…. Even I also had to take a break like two months to re-evaluate things. Nice write up dear

  2. When I saw your post on Instagram about taking a break off social media, it made me feel a lot better because I took about 6 weeks break off social media that just ended recently. At some point, I felt “left out”, or felt like I was giving off vibes of being “inconsistent “ to my audience. But nevertheless, the break was worth it because I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with keeping up on different social media platfroms while dealing with life. Like you stated, learning to create a balance is key and I think taking mini breaks every now and then is healthy because it helps one gather momentum to function more effectively. This is an amazing post.

  3. thanks alot dr I really appreciate.. Those tips are helpful, and I have to start applying them in my life. God bless n increase you.

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