Social Media Jobs and their differences; what you should know

I came across a job vacancy for the role of a social media manager on twitter and they listed the roles of Public relations person, graphic designer, content creator, social media manager, customer service and I was beyond shocked. You know the bad thing about these kind of jobs where they list so many duties they end up paying meagre salary. But salary aside how do you put up a job description that is much more than the roles of a social media manager, that’s quite alarming. This is not one but two times I have seen such job vacancies
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It just dawned on me that some people actually cannot differentiate between these social media jobs. Job seekers, Employees and employers alike should be able to discern which is which when it comes to social media jobs. I feel like there is a need to clarify the various jobs especially at this time where social media jobs are on the rise hence this post
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Social Media jobs and their differences
CONTENT CREATOR : is one who creates content (it could be written or visual ) for brands and businesses. After creating such content, he passes down this content to a social media manager in some cases. In other cases he can actually distribute this content on social media

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: is in charge of representing the brand across all social media platforms. A social media manager takes care of the brands presence online. A social media manager is much more than a content creator since it involves creating, curating, organizing and scheduling content on all social media platforms

Digital marketer: is a person that uses digital channels to create awareness about a brand and generate leads that would turn into sales for the brand. Digital channels here include company’s website, blogs, social media platforms, online display ads, email marketing. Here you’d notice that a digital marketer does more than marketing on social media. As a matter of fact he uses all digital platforms to market the brands products or services

FREELANCE WRITER : A freelance writer is someone who typically writes for more than one client. You are in charge here, self employed and your own boss. You can decide which client to take on and can totally write for anyone anywhere

SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER: is a user on social media that has established credibility on social media, has access to an engaging and loyal followership and can persuade others to buy a product or use a service by virtue of their authenticity and reach

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST : is a person that plans, develops and implements a company’s overall social media strategy in order to improve the brands online presence and bring about sales. In some cases, he can step in to be a content creator and a social media manager and a marketer but in the real sense of this, a social media strategist brings about the strategies that should be used in social media marketing.
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I hope this post was able to clarify somethings. If you found this post useful pls drop me a comment in the comment section. I would love to hear from you

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  1. This post was super insightful and honestly I didn’t know most of the difference up until now. Thank you for dedicating your time to explain all of these roles. I totally enjoyed thi post n

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