Red flags

Red flags that you should notice before signing that deal or taking that collaboration

Hey guys I just want you all to note some red flags before signing any collaboration. So I was going to be 600 dollars richer just about a few days back all I had to do was take pictures of a product, welcome to the life of an influencer. As influencers, bloggers, content creators we see these things really come to life. Our work is filled with collaboration, creating content for brands and generally doing what we love. However this deal that was going to make me 600 dollars richer was going to be my biggest deal ever since I started this journey on content creation so you can imagine the joy I felt reading that email, it couldn’t be contained

I read that email with so much joy in my heart thinking that God came through, well he did really come through and you’d get to see how later as you read this post. I replied the email saying I was down for the job I mean who wouldn’t be down for this juicy offer. Although I had my doubts, 600 dollars for just six posts plus I have never had such deal like that. Not to sound too pessimistic I debunked these doubts and was ready for this work. I had already started to think of creative ways to take pictures of this product

Immediately I sent them that message I got a follow up message more like an application and in it was that I had to pay a 25 dollars fee which consists of payment for the product and shipping fee – ONE BIG RED FLAG why the hell do I have to pay for a product and shipping fee that you reached out to me to create content with. You reached out to me and not some random Instagram user because of my creativity, my engagement, my skills and you want me to pay for the product when you should be doing the payment. At that point I lost it, I told the brand that I don’t have such money. That was where the conversation ended or so I thought.

Red flags
Later on this brand messaged me which is understandable and I said in the most polite manner ever that I wasn’t interested in the deal, with this came series of explanation that I didn’t ask for trying to convince me ANOTHER RED FLAG why would you as a brand convince me to take your offer after I had bluntly refused, more like trying to make me see reasons why I need to pay that money. At this point I was beyond irritated why push this thing and then i let the words out- you are fake and then the abuses started to drop from this brand

The brand said I was poor and stupid, why would I lose a 600 dollar deal just because I didn’t want to pay the 25 dollars fee, there and then it dawned on me that I wasn’t dealing with a brand all this while, I was dealing with a fraudster and this can happen to anybody hence this post
Red flags

Here are the things you should note
– Believe in your instincts and trust me this works. I had my doubts that this didn’t seem right but I forged ahead because I didn’t want to sound pessimistic. I know influencers get bigger deals but then if you have your doubts about something it most certainly turns out to be true
– if a brand asks that you pay for a product and a shipping fee for a deal they reached out to you to do, whether free or paid I feel like any brand reaching out to you to work for them and then goes on to say that you have to pay for the product pls RUN
– if you signify your disinterest in a deal and the brand still pushes, trying to convince you, you should know that they are after your money. Pls don’t walk away from this, RUN away from this

I hope this post is insightful enough, if you know of any red flags pls do share with me in the comment section

8 comments on “Red flags that you should notice before signing that deal or taking that collaboration

  1. Omg. This is what I was talking about on a bloggers group chat. Most of these people are scammers. It’s crazy how they get creative. I really hope creatives don’t fall for them. I’m glad you shared your story Ada. A lot of creatives need to be aware.

  2. Have had my own share of red flag.. The first time I got a message from brand on Instagram, I was happy, I’m about to go global till I went through the offer and I saw it was rubbish upon rubbish

  3. Trust instincts! That’s definitely my key takeaway. Especially all this too good to be true offers.
    Thanks for sharing Ada! I’m glad I’ve never fallen victim.
    Although, there was a time this magazine company contacted me and said they wanted to feature me. I did the interview and next day they said I should pay! What?! I turned down everything. They need to shut down these scammers.

  4. It’s really crazy out on these digital streets. Thanks for sharing your experience. As a newbie in the blogging community it’s good to have these information to avoid stories that touch.

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