My experience at the Bogobiri House- what went down

Happy new year guyssss!!!!. I hope I don’t come off as being unserious seeing that many bloggers started their new year posts with inspiration, goals and what not. A lot of them gave out notes on how to smash your goals for this year, how to get your MOJO back and I’m here talking about my visit to BOGOBIRI house, how unserious can this get. Anyways I have always wanted to go to this place and document my experience hence this post

BOGOBIRI house is located at Maitama Sule in Ikoyi, Lagos. It’s an art gallery that has two restaurants, a bar and a hotel and I found this quite intriguing maybe because the art galleries I visited were just that – art galleries nothing more nothing less.
Bogobiri house

On this fateful day I and my friend decided to visit this art gallery. It wasn’t a difficult place to find as our Uber driver got there with ease. The artistic nature of this place endeared me to it. It’s not something you find in many restaurants In Lagos and that is like a plus for me. I was tired of seeing the normal aesthetics that comes with Lagos restaurants, I wanted something unique and I’m glad bOgobiri house did just that for me

We settled in and wanted to look at the pieces in the art gallery but it was locked. I wasn’t too sad because other places like the restaurant, and even outside had some art works my eyes could feed on. We had food at the bamboo restaurant, one of the restaurants located in Bogobiri house. I ordered Rice and peppered gizzard sauce with Chapman. It was okay but the gizzard wasn’t peppery enough. I totally loved the Chapman. Their food was quite cheap. I spent a total of 5,300 naira on food and Chapman

We also met some sellers there trading goods like waist beads, raffia bags, clothes and the likes. It just felt so good watching these men sell the African cultural heritage and for once in my life I felt at home.

I really enjoyed my stay there, the staff were really friendly. Food came on time, atmosphere was chilled. The place wasn’t too clustered with so many people and it’s just the perfect place to unwind. I hope this post is as interesting as I thought it would be. What do you think about this post. Also how many restaurants have you been to. Do let me know in the comment section. Till another blog post, Much love XoXo

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