Looking for where to hang out this Christmas holiday, Food Shack has got you covered

It is the Christmas season once again and you know what that translates to; plenty to eat and drink. With so many bloggers doing the Christmas outfit inspiration and no one really talking about places to hang out this season I just felt it wise to go the opposite direction, hence this post.

Lagos as it were is home to many restaurants, relaxation spots, recreational spots and fun places. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to spend the Christmas. However this comes with its own downside. Seeing that there are a lot of places to hang out this season, choosing just one spot out of a myriad of places could be a tad too difficult but if you are about the affordable lifestyle, you should try out Food Shack.
Located in the quiet and serene space on the Island lies a not so conspicuous edifice that houses the restaurant ‘Food Shack’. As a matter of fact, I walked past the restaurant because I didn’t see the name not until I was directed back.
Food shack is a relatively small restaurant much to my admiration and so you might not get to see a lot of people. It’s one of the many things I like about the restaurant because I can be unnecessarily shy and a little bit withdrawn when I see a lot of people.
I settled in almost immediately that is after taking some pictures of the place. I was also quickly attended to with so much courtesy and reverence and for that I can boldly say that their customer service is top notch. I was given a menu card and to my greatest astonishment I found out that At food Shack, you can eat for as little as 900naira and as much as
5000 naira

I ordered for a plate of yam fries and sauce and a bottle of coke which cost about 1500 naira as I had eaten just before I left home and didn’t want to stuff myself with so much food.
Before my main course came, I was served some chinchin. I was wondering where that came from as it was not ordered for and so I asked just in time to get a clearer picture. The appetiser was indeed on the house and was just a way of keeping my mouth busy while the main course is on the way.

My plate of yam fries and sauce came and I enjoyed it or was it the fact that it was just too cheap that actually made the food enjoyable, you never can tell.
With cool music playing at the background and with an ambience so conducive, you would certainly feel at home when you are at the food shack restaurant. Satisfactorily, this place should be one of the list of places to hang out this festive season

Ever been here before, what was your experience like… Please pen down your thoughts as I would love to hear from you.

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