Looking for what to get rid of acnes and pimples; my mayanga facial product review

I have suffered from black heads, acnes and pimples for the greater part of my life. It’s just puberty and the things that come with it, my mother once said but I have since gone passed that stage and it just keeps popping up like a girl that’s about to see her first period. Although a greater percentage of the blame falls on me because when it comes to taking care of my skin laziness creeps in.
The need to put an end to this horror like movie and present a more beautiful face as opposed to my pimples infested face facilitated my move for the search of skin care products. First, I wanted a skin care product that I could afford and one that had little or no adverse effects on the skin; so I surfed through the internet and came across a blog owned by @tofunmidisu where she did a review on the mayanga turmeric product. It quite matched the features I was looking for so I followed in suit.
I used the mayanga products alongside other facial products like the papaya cleanser I got from a shop around and Minisio soap that I got here but for the purpose of this post my review would be centered on the mayanga turmeric product which you can get here

Skin care routine
• Cleanse face first with my papaya facial cleanser
• Wash face with miniso soap
• Then apply the mayanga turmeric in my wet face and leave on for 15minutes
• Rinse it off

How to use mayanga turmeric product
• Dampen face with water
• Apply product all over face
• Leave on for 15minutes
• Then rinse it off

• It’s quite affordable as I got this small jar for 1k500. It’s more economical if you get the very big one for 5,000naira.
It did some amount of work as I saw considerable results, although all pimples and black heads haven’t cleared off but my face is far better off than it was before
All ingredients used in making this product are natural and so there is no fear of adverse after effects.

I feel there should be improvement in the packaging. I actually wanted to see more than I did
I would have loved it more if it had a better smell.
In all sincerity, this makes little or no sense so far it’s doing the much needed work. So that’s all about the review of this product and I rate it 7/10. This could be higher for you but certainly not lower and you never can tell until you try it. So guys, do the needful.. Over to you, would you try this product or not and if you have tried it, what was your experience like. DO let me know in the comment section

With love from ADA

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  1. I actually met the owner of Myanga at the bloggers brunch. Was bummed out that I didn’t get the product as I have been seeing reviews everywhere. Lately I’ve been thinking of getting one and since you said it’s affordable, I will try it out and see.

    Princess Audu

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