Life lately

Life lately + a review on Petit Paris Cafe

Hi guys, I have left this space for so long that I have almost forgotten how to draft a post. I didn’t realize that anyone would notice my absence on the blog until a girl sent me a message telling me how she has missed my posts and how she loves my fashion sense. You know what struck me the most, she referred to herself as a fan.
The good thing is I’m back but with the demands of my other clothing brand @marianclothing_ng I won’t be as frequent as I used to be here so please bear with me. This post is just a summary of what I have been up to lately and a review on a restaurant, I would try to keep it as succinct as ever

W E A R I N G: this sequin like wrap dress I only wore prior to this time for my court wedding. I decided to spice it up a little with a belt and it took this whole outfit to another level
life lately

T H A N K F U L: For good health, my husband, my family and my little business. It’s been God all the way, I mean it can only be God. I’m really grateful for little wins, greater heights, mistakes made and many more because they all complete me.
Life lately

C R A V I N G: The Nigerian jollof rice I had at the Petit Paris Cafe just yesterday. Without any doubt, the best jollof rice I have had in recent years
Life lately

A N T I C I P A T I N G: that all my dreams, goals and aspirations come into fruition soonest.

L O V I N G: The dread Faux locs I’m currently having on my hair and it’s been getting a lot of compliments. All thanks to my husband who legit reminds me to make my hair and even gives me styles to do. This faux locs is one too many

So I and my waka buddy decided to have a swell time in Lagos because the truth is our money can only take us within Lagos.
I have been seeing a lot of pictures on Instagram of girls standing by a wooden door and this honestly caught my attention.

We decided to have a taste of their food to see if they have more to offer than just a famous wooden door and so on this fateful day which was yesterday we set out to Petit Paris Cafe. On seeing the restaurant we concluded that it’s indeed a Petit ‘petite’ restaurant.
I liked the fact that this restaurant can double as a restaurant and a bar sort of especially at nights. I like the whole ambience and vibes it gives off when it’s night
Life lately
To my favourite part, the food. I ordered for their Nigerian jollof rice with chicken while my friend ordered for rice with shrimp Sauce and cocktails. Their food was very tasty but the cocktail we had could have been better. The food also was not too pricey

In conclusion, I really had fun at the restaurant even if the heavy rain wanted to ruin our day. If you want to have either local or continental dishes, then Petit Paris Cafe is your plug and it’s located at 7A, Taye Olowu street, off Victor Arobieke street, off Admiralty way , Lekki phase 1, Lagos

So guys, what are your go to restaurants for delicious and cheap foods, do share your thoughts

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