Four things that can relieve stress but we really never knew

It’s the holiday season soon and I know that the one thing we all want off our whole being is stress. Now let’s face it, the word ‘ stress ‘ isn’t particularly new to us as everyone from all walks of life goes through stress at one point or the other in their lives.
Hey, don’t get me wrong it’s not abnormal to be stressed it’s in fact natural to go through stress but when little becomes too much, there comes the problem. Like death, stress is an unavoidable part of life but we can’t just sit around and welcome it with open arms. However, the good thing is that stress can be managed and sometimes all it just takes is to relax and unwind, that way we avert high stress levels than can lead to crisis.
So I’d be sharing with you four ways we can reduce stress and some of these things we actually do not know
• Decorate with lavender: the first time I came across the word lavender the next thing that came to mind was colours. I actually thought that lavender is a type of colour. If you had the same idea as mine, then thank God you are here. Lavender is in fact a flowering plant native to France. It’s light bluish purple in colour and research has clearly shown that this plant which is herbal in nature has soothing effects that could help calm the nerves and in turn relieve stress. When carefully inhaled, it helps slow the brain waves and this ultimately results into bringing the body into a more peaceful state.
Call a friend: I know this might sound absurd to some people. Many times, people just feel that no one out there should know their problems because they could tell other people and other people might tell other people and then the list goes on and on. The bitter truth is that calling a loved one, family or friends can help reduce stress. A problem shared is indeed a problem solved. It just has a way of lifting off your burdens and calming your nerves. It does really work and you have to take my word for it.
Talk yourself through it: Okay, okay.. I have really not convinced you well enough. I know you still have some doubt about talking to your friends, in this case I think the next best thing is to talk yourself through it. Ask yourself why you are stressed out and tell yourself why you need to stop getting stressed and the necessary things to do to reduce stress . This might sound like you are crazy but it actually works.
Have a chocolate covered strawberry: Yummy!!!!, isn’t it??. Dark chocolates help reduce stress hormones like cortisol. In the same vein, the berries help to fight against body damaging radicals. This is like a two in one package where you can help satisfy your sweet tooth and still help reduce stress.Hmmmmm!!!, I like the sound of that.
I hope you would try this out and get back to me, but meanwhile please take out time to comment in the section and tell me if this helped you.

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