Interview Series with ShewaJay

Hi guys, welcome to the second edition of interview series. Today’s interview is with ShewaJay, a Nigerian born blogger based in the United Kingdom. One beautiful lady who knows her onions well about blogging and is definitely loved by all.
She made this interview so much fun which goes on to say that she is really a fun person to be with.

Q: • Hi Shewa, it is quite obvious that you are from Nigeria and based in London, U.k but where in Nigeria are you from?
A: • Hi Ada! Lol there is a twist to it, my dad is from ogun state whilst my mum from Lagos but then i grew up in Lagos, so its safe to say i am an indigene of both states.

Q: • Are you a Mummy’s girl or father’s love
A: • To be fair i will say both cause i used to be more of a fathers love up until recently when i developed new found love for my mum. Hence, being a mummy’s girl.

Q: • If you had the opportunity to come back to this world again, what would you become apart from being a blogger ?
A: • An Artiste LOL i am a spontaneous singer but my friends have always told me that voice doesn’t cut the cheque.

Q: What else do you love doing that is way different from blogging?
A: Listening to music and feeling like i could be a musician someday.

Q: Why did you venture into blogging
A: I decided to start blogging because i have always loved to write and i have always cared about how i dress a lot. Blogging is for me is an opportunity to express myself.

Q: How has BLOGGING impacted your life
A: It has given me the opportunity to work with brands i have always aspired to partner with, meet with amazing people and those who i consider mentors, it has also enabled fashion and lifestyle as my voice in the society.

Q: • Why did you choose to write about your personal style, why not travel or food?
A: Those were not the things that appealed to me when i decided to start my blog, it was mainly fashion and lifestyle but who knows maybe sometime in the future i would venture into other things.

Q: What’s the major difference blogging in Nigeria and blogging in the United Kingdom
A: First off, it is safe to say that the blogging industry is much more developed in the UK compared to Nigeria. Generally providing more opportunities and support to the bloggers. Resources are also more accessible in the United Kingdom. On the other hand Nigeria is where my passion originated from and i hope that someday i’d be able to go back and become one of the major influencers in the industry.

Q: What’s your favourite trend of all times
A: The kitten heel trend because of the comfort it brings alongside the edge and lady like vibe it adds to a look.

Q: How well would you wear a pair of denim?
A: I’d rock a pair of denim pant with an oversized blazer, a nice pair of dior slingbacks and a cute clutch to go. I’d say that’s pretty well.

Q: What would you not be caught wearing
A: Because i have a versatile mind and i see style in almost everything, i’d say nothing in particular.

Q: Are you one to follow trends religiously or you just do you?
A: Well, that depends on the trends of the season and how well i warm up to them at that particular time. Otherwise i just do me.


Q: Sneakers or Heels
A: Sneakers no questions lol

Q:Red lipstick or Pink lipstick
A: Red lipstick

Q: Eba or Amaka
A: Eba sorry lol

Q: Hiphop or Rnb
A: Hiphop

Whoop!! Whoop!!! There you have it guys, do leave me your comments. Would love to hear from you.

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  1. Shewa’s really great….and has an amazing sense of fashion …and i must say her dress sense n lifestyle is remarkably lit👌👌👌👌

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