Interview Series with the brain behind Naturalhairrockss

On today’s episode of the interview series, we had the privilege of interviewing one of Nigerian’s finest natural hair brand. The hair brand that caters for all things natural hair which includes natural hair styling, natural hair products and wigmaking
This hair brand is none other than Naturalhairrockss. Over time now, we have been seeing wigs like WIG NENE taking us by storm. Well this is the brand that makes all of that. This brand has also styled the natural hair of popular bloggers like Tuke Morgan.
Without much further ado, let’s get down into business

Q• Can we meet you please
A• My name is Ellena Affah I’m the lead hairstylist of NaturalHairrockss

Q• When did your journey into natural hair begin
A• I used to have very long hair but then it started breaking and I didn’t know what to do . So many hairstylists suggested very funny tips but one day I saw my neighbors hair and I was like I think I’m going to go natural. I did a lot of research and I went to the salon I was working at that time and told her to cut my hair and that was it

Q• What year did you start your brand ‘ Natural Hair Rocks
A• I think sometime in 2016 that was when I took it serious

Hair Tips
Q• What’s the best Advice you can give to someone with natural Hair
A• Best advice is Enjoy every bit of it really ! There’s no stressing !

Q• How best can one care for her natural hair
A• The first step is knowing your hair type then get products for your hair type and create a healthy regimen!

Q• List the don’ts (things we should avoid ) to get our natural hair growing
A• Avoid comparison lol your hair growth differs from another persons growth, avoid bad products ( when I say bad I mean products that have chemicals like paraben, sodium laureth sulfate etc, avoid very tight hairstyles .



Q• Castor oil or coconut oil
A• Castor oil

Q• Chemical ingredients or natural Ingredients
A• Chemical Ingredients

Q• Hair nets or satin head covers
A• Satin Bonnets

Q• What’s a better natural protective hair style; Wigs or Braids
A• WIgs

All pictures belong to Naturalhairrockss. You can follow them on Instagram @naturalhairrockss. So what do you think of this interview, did you find something to take home. Please do pen down your comments on the blog

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