Balancing the blogger life with a side business and a 9 to 5 job; hear what these three style bloggers had to say

Many of us hate to admit it but the sad truth is that creating a balance between work and life itself can be a tad too difficult. While many people believe it’s a myth, some others opine that it’s in fact possible but at what expense.
I have been there before and I must say that I lost the essence of my true being, I started to exist rather than live. Juggling work, side hustle and blogging was such an herculean task such that the two had to suffer just for me to keep up with work.
However, just as some have failed in maintaining the balance between work, side business and the blogger life, some are doing exceptional in these three facets. We interviewed these three style bloggers that have been able to strike a balance between their blog, their 9 to 5 and their respective side businesses.
These bloggers decided to share their stories to us and tips and tricks on how to live your life whilst still doing all these three things which are running a side hustle, doing a 9 to 5 work and being a blogger. We have Wumituase of , a Customer care and Human resource Manager who also owns an online thrift store at Thriftstoreng, Thoniabankz of who works as A Communication Associate and runs an online store Shopthoniabankz that deals in custom t-shirts and sunglasses, the last but not the least is Official_lade of lade’s blog who works as a copywriter and also sells jewelry at Tweenklezz


Q: Is it possible to balance work, blogging and side business. If this is possible how can one achieve a balance among these three
A: Yes its is very possible to balance everything. I haven’t figured it out fully yet but it has to do basically with compartmentalism of everything. Try not to have conflicting schedules because it will cause stress. What I do s to share my time into 3 to 4 ways. There is time where I focus on my day job {I know my productive hours at work so I utilize them well),then there is time for others too. Another thing is to avoid taking on too much so if you can delegate to maybe an assistant then it will help make the process easier.

Q: Define what Work/Blogging/Business balance means to you
A: I don’t think there is ever a 100% balance to everything. You just get the hang of it after a while but will it still stress you? Occasionally, yes. You just learn how to deal with it better because you have created a habit and routine that works for you.

Q: What are the benefits of creating a balance between Work, blogging and your side business and if there are any dangers please do share with us.
A: Benefit is more of income of course and if you are the type that does not like to be idle then you will always find something to be creative with. The danger can then be that you will hardly have time for frivolities which isn’t all that bad because you are focused on what is important. Your personal life might suffer especially if you are at the beginning stage. Above all though, I believe with focus, hardwork, smart work and God’s Grace balancing it all would be a piece of cake with some little obstacles but you will surely get through

Q: Any more tips you’d like to share
A: No


Q: Is it possible to balance work, blogging and side business. If this is possible how can one achieve a balance among these three
A: To be very honest, all we can do is try because achieving maximum balancing with is 9-5 (sometimes 10pm) wide a side hustle in Nigeria (Lagos especially) is difficult. Most times, something suffers. For everytime you take a ‘fake sick leave to go attend a brand event, work suffers. And for everytime you pass on a brand event because of 9-5, your blogging/creative side suffers.
So what then do we do? The trick for me is to focus on what is important. If this side deal is not going to be beneficial to me in the long run I’ll pass on it. To be very specific, if a brand event is not beneficial to me and my vision for my blogging career, I’ll pass.

Q:Define what Work/Blogging/Business balance means to you
A: For me, work/creative/side business balance means trying to effectively manage all these such that none suffers on account of the other.

Q: What are the benefits of creating a balance between Work, blogging and your side business and if there are any dangers please do share with us.
A: There are quite a few benefits and they include
1. Extra source of income.
2. You get to do what you actually love. I have realized that people who have creative side hustles genuinely love that craft. From content creating, artistry, writing, acting, singing, etc.
3. It keeps you on your toes.
4. You become a fast learner.
I only have one con.
1. You may loose yourself in-between all these. From leaving the house very early to returning at night to your side hustle and repeat this daily, its easy to loose yourself and not have some personal time. But with great organization and proper planning, this can be avoided

Q: Any more tips you’d like to share
A: Always create schedules/to-do list. Organization is very important. Create daily to-do list/tasks and make sure to tick them when there’re completed.
2. If you can, pick a 9-5 that’s not so far off your side hustle. Your brain registers both jobs as the same so it naturally translates to less stress. It also helps your employer to be more open-minded to your side hustle. For example, I work as a copywriter in an advertising agency and my side hustle is blogging/content creation. In more ways than one, these 2 jobs overlap so my employer welcomes the idea because it comes as an added advantage for my 9-5.


Q: Is it possible to balance work, blogging and side business. If this is possible how can one achieve a balance among these three
A: Yes it is very possible to balance work, creative side and side hustle. I’m saying it’s possible because I have been doing this for some years now and although it’s not as easy as people think it is but when you know what you’re trying to achieve, when you make good use of your time and having a to do list also helps. In my first year I really struggled but with time I realized that Instead of doing nothing at home during the weekend why not use Saturday and Sunday to take pictures for my blog or create content or while I’m in Lagos traffic for hours after work why not edit the pictures I took over the weekend and with the help of WordPress mobile I’m also able to post on my blog with my phone. So you need to know how to manage your time effectively depending on how your day is set up. You can use your lunch break at work to create content or take pictures or schedule a blog post in traffic and thanks to social media you don’t need to be physical sometimes when it comes to your business like taking orders, sending out orders from customers or replying their enquiries. Also, there are applications you can download on your smart phone that can help with your productivity, I have an app called “Todoist” and it helps me write my daily goals, targets and alerts me if there are things I haven’t achieved or cleared that I indicated I want to achieve so that way I don’t forget what I want to do and work hard to clear all the stuff on my to do list.

Q: Define what Work/Creative/Side business balance means to you?
A: It means being able to effectively and efficiently meet my set goals in every aspect of my life. So that means if I say by the end of this year I want to be promoted at work and this is what I need to do to get promoted then I’ll make sure I’m doing all that I need to do to get promoted and if I say I want to put out quality content on my Instagram everyday then I should be able to come up with ways I can take pictures and create content everyday. The balance therefore is working smart, putting all my time and energy and making sure I get promoted at work and that I’m also posting quality content everyday.

3. What are the benefits or effects of creating time for Office work, Creative side(blogging and the likes) and your side business and dangers too?
When I started working I really didn’t know I was good at multi tasking until I was able to successfully handle work, business and blogging. I mean there are days I will quickly change in the rest room at work and beg my colleagues to take pictures of me or days when I’ll get home very late at night but still edit pictures for the blog. So the benefit is that I’m very good at multitasking and my former colleagues can attest to this lol. Also, in my previous job I got promoted and moved to another unit(social media team) because my bosses got to know I was a blogger and had vast knowledge when it comes to social media management and customer service experience from my business. The dangerous side is that I was always sick and mostly stressed because I didn’t get to rest well and just wanted to do everything at once. So it’s fine to take a break and take care of yourself because I mean health is wealth.

4. Do you have any regrets whatsoever or anything you’d have done better
Ermm regrets I don’t think so because I think everything that happens in life just prepares us for something greater. There are certain things I wish I did better like not being too scared to let people know what I do because it didn’t take until so many years later till most people at work knew I had a blog because I thought I wasn’t doing too good or that blog was wack lol. Also, there was a time I compared my content to other bloggers and stop posting or creating content because I thought my content wasn’t all that so now I compare or wish I was someone else.

5. Do you have any more tips to share with us
Do you. Be you. Nobody is you and regardless of how cliche that may sound it’s the truth. Also it’s fine to mute or unfollow anyone that makes you feel some type of way even if that person is your closest friend or family. I’ll also say even if you’ve been creating content or blogging for years and you haven’t seen any positive results or gotten any paid collaborations, don’t give up and keep creating good content and be consistent because trust me everyone is watching and you’ll be shocked to find out that you inspire people and they look up to you.

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  1. This is really inspiring, I learnt so much reading this cos I’ve been finding it so hard to balance work and business but now I just got the motivation needed.
    Great post

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