Why you need a two piece set in your wardrobe

Hi guys, this isn’t supposed to be a post as I said I was going to rest this weekend and not bother about putting content out there. However, this rest isn’t coming and I don’t want to be staring into thin air I feel it’s best I just do this. Today we would be talking about two piece set and why you need them, but first what is a two piece set

Two piece set
Two piece set or coords depending on whatever name you wish to call it is a set of different outfits that are made to be worn together. What’s better than one outfit, two outfits right. So imagine getting two outfits at the price of one- this here is one valid reason why you need two piece set It’s basically cost effective reason being that you have more than one outfit to yourself at a price of going home with just one
Another reason why you need a two piece set is because they give you varying style options. Versatility is at its prime when it comes to two piece outfit. On days when you don’t feel like wearing the top of the two piece set, you can decide to wear the bottom with another different top entirely and vice versa

Two piece set
Two piece set
Another reason is that it makes you stylish. Are you even a fashion forward person if you don’t have a two piece set or coords. Two piece set especially the ones that match makes you stand out of the crowd. Talk about going on errands with matching set of joggers or closing that deal in a two piece suit. It really just says something about you and makes you to be looked at in a different light

Trying to save cost, having many styling options to choose from and standing out stylishly should be enough reason why you need to invest in two piece sets. If you are looking for one, be sure to check out @MARIANCLOTHING_NG on Instagram. Till I come your way next time, remain stylish

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  1. Two piece sets are definitely a blessing to every wardrobe.
    I love how stylish the blouse is.
    Can the sets be sold separately though ?!

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