Why the animal print is definitely a trend you should take on

Animal print
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the animal print trend is back like it never left. In recent times I have seen a lot of fashion enthusiasts , celebrities alike especially on the explore page of my Instagram gracing themselves in animal prints. The more I explored, the more I saw this trend. It just puts this question forward, ‘is the trend back again’
Well the answer is yes, the animal print trend is back with a Big Bang to say the least. You know what it’s more interesting, there’s a particular fabric which I love that is manifesting these days. It is quite different from the ones we used to see back then. It’s probably the main reason why my interest sparked and I’m writing a blog post on it
Am I really a fashion forward person if I don’t nip this trend in the bud and slay the life out of this trend. Hmmmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking. Anyways, I caught the bug of this trend and I’m here to show you how I styled my wrap dress in this animal print from @marianclothing_ng and why you should join in on this trend

Animal print

The animal print is definitely a head stunner, makes a statement on its own and has been a wardrobe staple since time immemorial. If not for anything, that’s one reason why you should take on this trend. Over time we have seen leopard prints and snake prints making the rounds. However there are new comers into this trend which are cow and tiger prints but this snake still remains my fave so far
For my second look, I layered my snake print wrap dress on a turtle neck top with my sneakers to finish this look. I love how my look transcends from chic look (the first look) to casual look (second look). There are other plethora of ways to style this animal
Print wrap dress from wearing tees to hugging a blazer over it and many more
Animal print
Animal print

If you are looking for that WOW effect on your outfit, the animal print is the way to go. It’s fun, funky and stylish and can be worn anytime of the year.
Over to you guys, what do you think about this trend. Is it something you would love to try. Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section. Till next time, love and light

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