How to use the ordinary accessories in your wardrobe to look extraordinary

There are two types of women on planet earth. One woman who makes a conscious effort in using her accessories to spice up her look and the other woman who looks ‘bleh’ because she probably does not know what accessories to use OR she really does not know how to style such accessories.
In today’s post, I’ll be showing us how to use the ordinary accessories in our wardrobe to enhance our look and ways of styling them so that we don’t end up looking just there when we can actually look jaw dropping.

1. Invest in statement earrings: The kind of earrings you wear can actually make or mar your dress and this is because as little or as unimportant we think these earrings are they actually do some real work on our outfits. It’s little wonder that when we do not put on earrings, we are often asked if everything is alright and some other people be like ‘ oh why are you looking all sad with no earrings’ This clearly states the importance of earrings. I’m actually hinging on the fact that we need to go beyond earrings and start making real life investments (that was a little bit too much, LOL) on statement earrings. Statement earrings is what it is- it does make a statement. And so if you are wearing a simple dress or a tee and jean, these set or earrings elevate your style making people take a second look at you. Examples of statement earrings are tassels, hoops and vintage earrings.
2. Wear sunglasses: If you are not really sold on statement earrings, you can lean towards wearing sunglasses. This also helps to spice up your looks and ultimately puts you as a fashion forward person. However it’s not all outfits that require sunglasses and so it’s pertinent to keep your fondness for sunglasses in check.
3. Cross bags/Sling bags are a must have: Cross bags or sling bags have a way of being carried in another fashion than other normal bags. Carrying your bag across your body makes you stand out from the rest. It just makes you look stylishly cool in your outfit. Even if you do not have such sling bags, try carrying your bag in another way sometimes and you’d definitely get a nod from onlookers.

Other little things like turning up your jeans or making a frayed hem on your jeans can make you look so fashionable. Tying your shirt rather than leaving it down also makes you spice up your look just a little more. However not everyone would stand with these last two ways of elevating your outfits, you really cannot take away the place of statement earrings and sunshades. They are as a matter of fact, must have accessories every lady should own.
I hope you found this post insightful, please do share your thoughts in the comment section. You can also feel free to add some other accessories not mentioned in the post for other readers to know.

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2 comments on “How to use the ordinary accessories in your wardrobe to look extraordinary

  1. Hey hun. I enjoyed reading this post. I’ve probably said it before, your style of writing about style (no pun intended) is really cool! My favourite kind of earrings are hoops, I’m very cautious when it comes to any form of long earrings because I don’t like how it makes me look as I have an oblong face.
    I shy away from turning up my trousers, too thin lol. I love how you put all of these accessories into the pictures of the post. xx
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