How to thrift like a Pro

I have lived no other life than the thrift life, the reason isn’t far fetched, a greater part of my wardrobe is from thrifting. I basically started thrifting at a young age and only just started getting a few things from high end stores and online stores via social media.
And so with vast experience in the thrift life, I deemed it fit to share some of my knowledge as regards thrifting and tips on how to thrift better
Off shoulder top (atmosphere): #500
Black heels (next):#1k200

Observation: First things first, observe. This goes to include investigation and making enquiries. You could just go for a survey to find out where thrift shops are, too hectic and unnecessary then you could observe your area as you move in and out of the house. Make enquiries as to when they have market/Sale days, there are some thrift shops that sell on a particular day. Find out why people cluster around some items ( I did that and the result were these amazing heels). You can also go further by asking for the price of things, with that you can define the estimated amount of money to go with.
Nude heels(newlook) :1k200

Plan a thrift day: Found a place or some places to thrift, this is the perfect time to plan a thrift day. It’s best to select the perfect day when they have new stock and very cheap things (Yaba market sells very cheap things at night). Write down the list of things you really need and love and at the estimated price.
White tee : #500
Vintage scarf :#400
Earings :#400

Be ready to spend some time selecting: This is because thrifting involves rummaging which is actually time consuming and tiring.
So you should be ready to bend down and select, painstakingly search through to get quality finds and what you particularly love.

Denim skirts( River Island): #300

Bargain, bargain and bargain: because thrift items are generally inexpensive doesn’t translate to the fact that you can’t bargain. There should be no place for ego and pride as one has to bargain to get things even cheaper. There is always that feeling of satisfaction when you hit a good deal and get quality stuff with your bargaining powers

Think outside the thrift market: The truth is thrifted items are not new items so don’t go with the idea of seeing things in its new state while some other times might just appear a tad too drab. However, you should think of ways to style whatever you get and put on that creative cap of yours because once you get those thrifted items cleaned, the result will be far better off

Bonus tip: if you are in Lagos, you could thrift at places like
Yaba market: clothes, bags, shoes
Onipanu (just under the bridge): clothes
Ogba: shoes
Your area: just by the roadside, you never can tell
Lagos market: clothes

So you see life is so much easier with thrifting. You can also share some knowledge about thrifting in the comment section. Do also let me know if you find this post insightful.

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  1. That all black outfit is giving me life. The odd shoulder , culottes and shoes are so lovely. I need to book a thrift appointment with you. Help a sister out ! Thank you. Awesome post btw.

  2. Seeing this post, you can’t tell the joy I have! I really don’t get lucky when drifting and am mostly ashamed of thrifting but from today! I’ll start thrifting like a pro, thanks for sharing

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