Styling Bodysuits

It is not only my mother that refers to this particular top as a swimming trunk. she obviously never saw this in her years of growing up and has still not seen this in recent years until I decided to bring it home one day and then she goes ‘ Is that a swimming trunk you are wearing out’
On my own part I had seen quite a number of people wear this but I didn’t know what it is called until I resorted in call it swimming trunk. It was later on that my friend told me that it’s actually a body suit. Such show of shame, pffttt!!
Bodysuits are a huge trend right now. Before it’s resurgence in recent times, bodysuits have only been this popular in the 90’s. We can only appreciate the likes of BeyoncĂ© and Kim for rejuvenating this style.
I have always seen this on Kim, more reason why I wanted to own one. There is no better outfit that is body hugging and so versatile like the bodysuit. It can virtually be worn with anything and everything.
The way it clings on the body and makes the body so flattering is just another reason why I am a proud owner of one. You also don’t need to start tucking it inside your jeans unlike other tops that still give those lines even when tucked in.

However if you are not for clinging outfits, other types of bodysuits have been made like the one I’m wearing. It’s not so tight on the body. I decided to pair mine with a pants, it just didn’t feel right with a pair of jean and I’m glad I made a good decision wearing this pants
Outfit Deets
Pants: thrifted
Bodysuit: Eko market
Heels: yaba market

What do you feel about this trend and how would you wear yours. Please pen down your comments, I would love to hear from you

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  1. Bodysuits are amazingggg ! I love how flattering they are and the fact that they save you the stress of tucking in 🙂

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