Hey lovelies, what’s popping. Well, Ilorin has been trying to prove that its actually a fun place ( hmmm, to some extent though but still has a way to go.) Ilorin hasn’t completely won my heart but this actually made my day
So my CDS group( arts and culture) deemed it fit to give us a befitting welcome party after like how many months. I am still wondering why it came this late when I have been itching to dance my heart out.
Better late than never they say, so this party actually held and as usual, I wasn’t caught slacking.
You cannot be in a fun place or have fun and not see me there. (Lailai , kole werk) especially because I really want to enjoy so much out of my service year.
The venue wasn’t a magnificent one like that but good enough for me to take some pictures. All I was really concerned was food, music and some nice background and this party really met my expectations.
Now, to the business of the day which is OOTD ( outfit of the day) was a pleated skirt and a white crop top which I somehow tied into a knot.
Fashion is actually what you can get at the market but style isn’t sold at the market. You make your own style and that is exactly what I did.
I had to be very careful while wearing this because Ilorin as it were is a very conservative state.
Just so that I find my way into the good books of the indigenes of Kwara state, I decided to wear a jacket over my crop top, apparently I pulled it off once I got to the party and ta da!!! It worked wonders for me.

Top:Yaba market
Skirt: sewn
Footwear:Eko market
Bag: Chanel
face cap: gifted

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