Modest fashion and my take on this

Modest fashion
Hi guys, I am still alive and well. I am saying this because I know a lot of you will be wondering why I haven’t put up a post in a long time. A lot of challenges here and there but I wouldn’t want to bore you with all of that. Let’s just get to the reason why we are here.
Today I’m talking on a whole new style topic, something I have never really talked about. I’m not so big on modest fashion, it’s the reason I don’t say so much about it. However this should be a topical issue especially in this day and time where almost every girl leaves little or nothing to the imagination of other people plus this is one of the times I am intentional about wearing a modest look so why not make it a topic of discussion

I’m actually here to say one thing, you can still look effortlessly chic if you are all covered up. The one reason I admire a lot of moslem girls is the fact that they still look fashionable and beautiful even when covered from top to bottom. In today’s post, I’m wearing this set from @marianclothing_ng that consist of an organza jacket and pants. I paired this with nude heels that a friend gave me and this bag from @hautesignatures.
Now I’ll let you be the judge, don’t I look beautiful and FLYyyyyy even when I’m all covered up ???
Modest fashion
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  1. You look stunning …. I totally agree with you on covering up sometimes or all the time depending on the person preference. But this day and age people be doing wayyy to much lol

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