How to look dashing in an all black outfit

Styling this all black outfit had me feeling nostalgic. My mind flashed back to my early days where one was not to be seen wearing an all black outfit as people would think that you lost someone and you are probably mourning. It was a big deal then, as a matter of fact it was a taboo. This formed a very huge part in my formative years and made me detest the colour black. Apart from this, the colour black was synonymous with all things evil (I used the word ‘was’ because I don’t think this holds a lot of water now). Even when we think of the devil, the colour that comes to mind is black. This actually says it all.
But times have changed and a lot of things have come into play, I am pretty sure that a lot of people now see the colour black as the best colour and this includes me. The colour black is my ‘go to’ colour, It’s like my escape and it’s the only colour I feel safe in. The colour black virtually goes with any other colour and when wearing any black outfit you can just throw in any other outfit without thinking twice. Sadly enough, people don’t feel the same way in black outfits and this actually stems from the fact that they can’t pull off such look effortlessly. However after going through this post, stories would change.
– Accessories is key: I think this has been said well enough. To look dashing in an all black outfit, you need to accessorise with abandon. Spicing up your all black outfit with accessories eliminates boredom from your outfit. Accessorising brings fun to an all black outfit. You should jazz up your all black outfit with accessories like I did hear with a face cap and cleared eye glasses. Do this and thank me later.

– It has to be fit: Black in itself is slimming and we should all use that to our advantage. Impliedly, our black outfits should be more fitted and flattering. There should be no place for shapeless and drab outfits.
-Add a pop of colour: I am absolutely not eating back my own words when I say this. Wearing an all black outfit doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot add a bit of colour to your outfit. Emphasis is on the word ‘bit’ so that you don’t add too much colour outside black. You could change the status quo by wearing a different shade of lippie, shades, scarf or even wristwatch. Its no crime, no crime at all.

– Showing off a little skin doesn’t matter, does it?: Errrmmm ‘scratches head’, all black outfits can look a tad too boring, stiff and all buttoned up, you can add a little bit of drama to your outfit by showing just a little. that way you look stylish and still very appropriate.

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