When it comes to slip dresses, we are met with two options. One of which is wearing it all night to bed and sulking at the fact that we cannot wear this out as the case may be, but then again I ask myself;what is style when people cannot admire the clothes you put on and then there comes the other option which is taking that much needed bold step by wearing this out of the confines of your home
Hi good people of Nigeria, a lot of unimaginable things that swept me off my feet have happened this month hence my absence on the blog but I am back. However,this is not a promise that I wouldn’t leave later on but then let’s savour this moment, Shall we???
slip dress
slip dress
The slip dress is more or less a lingerie, the highlight of the fashion in the 90’s which is back with a vengeance and seeing more day than night. People are more waxed on this beauty of this dress and taking more time to effortlessly slay this outfit whenever and wherever
slip dress
The trick to pulling off this look is to keep all accessories minimal, its not a bother you would still look as beautiful as ever.
For this look, I opted for a casual feel which is layering with a turtle neck and finishing on a good note with my favourite sneakers right now. As we all know the slip dress is unuarguably one of the best outfits when it comes to layering.
The slip dress is another outfit that exudes sexiness in its entirety. The versatilty is off the hook as it takes you from casual to chic to sassy to playful and more. You just might never find one outfit with all of these goodies so do not be caught slacking. Buy your copy now
slip dress
slip dress
Do let me know what you feeel about this outfit and how well do you style yours?? Thanks for reading as usual…XOXO

11 thoughts on “IN MY SLIP DRESS

  1. The ‘grab your copy now’ line sounded like an advert for Nigerian movie lol.
    Slip dresses are cute with a bit of edgy to them. Loved what you did with this. Shoes 😍😍

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