Green with Envy

Don’t fret, the goal isn’t to make you go green with envy.
Hey guys, happy eid el kabir… I hope I got that right. It’s a long holiday this weekend, the only thing that the government seems to be doing right unfortunately. I hope there is a lot of meat to go round, however in the midst of all the merriment let’s try to apply moderation in anything we do.
Having said this, let’s move on to the reason why we are here. It’s style post today and my green sequin dress takes the spotlight. To set the records straight, I wasn’t going to feature this look on the blog but I had a second thought when Osaah my favourite style blogger in Ghana saw this dress on my instastory and asked that I turn this into a style post. Along the line I also received a lot of compliments on and offline when I wore this particular green dress and so putting this on the blog is actually not undeserved.

The series of event that played out up until I got this dress is quite different from my normal routine of writing the items I need and then going to the market to get it. That wasn’t the situation here. In fact, I wasn’t on the look out for a sequin wrap dress. I just wanted any nice dress at all for my court wedding.
My court wedding was drawing near and still there was no dress in sight. I had earlier enquired about a particular dress on instagram and the dress in question was going for 16,500. Yeah yeah, I know your mouth is wide open, my thought and action exactly. Sadly enough, I wasn’t in Lagos and I knew for a fact that it would be late to wait till I get to Lagos to buy the dress just in time for my court wedding.
So on this fateful day I had gone to pray at the chapel (Naaah, not because of the dress) and I was walking back home I passed by a shop and I just had this intuition that the shop would have nice things. Lo and behold I got the dress for 6,500. I honestly feel like I cheated the seller and that this dress is just too gorgeous for that price.
For this particular post, I wanted to go all green with little or no accessories. The sequin wrap dress draws in a lot of attention already hence no accessories. How did I fare with this look. I hope you liked this post, please do pen down your comments Don’t forget to shop here for all the items you need at cheap prices

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