How to go from work/casual look to a date night look in 10 minutes+ a place you can have a date with boo or hangout with friends

Initially, the plan was to name this post ‘A valentine look’ but seeing that its almost valentine and I still haven’t put up this post just dissuaded me from giving it this title, however just to make this post more evergreen I decided to tweak it a little by teaching us one or two tricks on how to transform our casual looks to date night looks. This way I have been able to kill two birds with just one stone which is coming up with a look for valentine and showing us ways on how we can transform from causal to date night.

So you have been stuck up at traffic, running so late that you just might not get in time for dinner with lover or perhaps still cannot place a finger or two as to what to wear for dinner date with bae. You just might get bothered about the first two, but the third has been taken care of. There is no need to worry about what to wear for that dinner date with lover, if you still don’t understand what I mean by this then you should read this


Switch Shoes: Nothing says sexy than a pair of heels for a date night. You don’t want to be caught wearing flats or sneakers on a date. So yes, a quick change of shoes from flats to heels would give the right amount of magic to set your outfit on fire

Take Off The Jacket: Prior to date night, if you were putting on a denim to hang around with friends or a blazer at work, its time to take that off and show off a little skin. Dinner with your husband or lover isn’t time for office duties and so there should be no place for official outfits or haven’t you heard ‘give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar’ If it’s a black dress you are wearing under the jacket or blazer, let it show. Its as simple as ABC
Put On Some Jewelry: Your date night look is as good as dead without some jewelry on. Its okay to give your outfit some shimmer and sparkle by putting on some jewlery. However, this should be treated with some caution.

Take a purse: A good purse goes a long way in complementing the outfit of a woman so do yourself a favour of taking a purse along with you before dashing out of the house
For this look, I opted for something simple. Obviously I was going for the colour red. However, it’s no fashion rule to wear red on Valentine’s Day but since it’s the colour of the season, I thought it wise to wear the colour red.

All I had to do to change from casual look to Date night look was to switch my shoes from sneakers to heels, take off my jacket and remove the strap off my bag so that it looks like a purse and ‘GBAM’ I nailed the look. Letting my natural hair out was the best decision I made that day as I liked how it complemented my whole look. I really have not made a good decision like this in a long while. This look can act as a cue for ladies who would be going out on dates with their man.


The Orchid bistro is one place you can hang out this valentine and there is good news which is that this place in particular has two branches; one on the mainland precisely at 58A, Isaac John Street, Ikeja and the other one on the Island precisely 40b, Raymond Njoku, Ikoyi.

With cool music, conducive environment and quiet serene you can be rest assured that it’s a perfect place for valentine. With a romantic setting that is devoid from the noise that is in Lagos coupled with affordable prices and service delivery that is superlative, The Orchid Bistro is the place to be.

Outfit Deets (Date night)
Dress: @ora_ocollective
Shoes: River Island
Bag: Lagos

Outfit Deets (casual)
Dress: @ora_ocollective
Sneakers: Random boutique in Ibadan
Bag: Lagos
Denim : thrifted

So there you have it guys, what do you think about this style and would you try out the Orchid Bistro. Let me know in the comment section.

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