A girl and her maxi skirt

Hi darlings, happy new month. The month of December happens to be my favourite month because there is always a lot to eat and drink and that’s about the only reason why I love his month. On another note, the year is gradually coming to an end and I am glad that I have been able to achieve some of the goals I set out for this year.
maxi skirt
It is a style post today and I decided to dress like the married woman that I am – all covered up in my maxi high thigh slit skirt from ora_ocollective. As churchy as maxi skirts may look it’s perhaps the most stylish, comfortable and forgiving item of clothing to wear.
Maxi skirt
Surprisingly, it can pass as an oufit for any type of season and could come in handy when layered on some days when the weather fluctuates between being cold and sunny (fall).
Maxi skirt
A maxi skirt is one wardrobe staple that goes back in time but never out of style. Albeit, it can seem one dimensional and a little bit boring. Questions like ‘can it be worn with covered shoes, would it be nice with shirts or crop tops can make the maxi skirt relegated to the background because most times we feel that nothing good can come out of this outfit.

However, we should be mindful of the fact that there are no rules in fashion and whatever way you choose to wear the maxi skirt is fine only if you can carry this outfit with some grace and confidence.
For this post, I knew I wanted something out of the ordinary and not just the usual maxi skirt. Precisely, I wanted a maxi skirt with thigh high slit and I was able to get hold of one from the good people at ora_ocollective.
Maxi skirt
For me, a white lace net top would do a lot of justice to this maxi skirt and so I opted for it. To crown it all, I went for a sliver heels and a silver clutch and ta da I became that maggi with the sauce…
Maxi skirt
Hit me up at the comment section on what you feel about this outfit, I would love to hear from you.

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