Five Fun Facts about me plus a little round up on the off shoulder trend

Hey darlings, lately we have been seeing the fun fact ‘thinging’ on instgram especially among bloggers (if you are not following me on Instagram please do so here ) I was nominated by @thisthingcalledfashionn, @uzzymami and @_chikaaa to run five Fun facts about me.
Now let’s dive in, shall we
Long before now, I always had a frown on my face. To me it was just keeping a straight face but to others I simply scared them away. At some point I thought I was going to chase potential boyfriends away and end up getting unmarried. Fast forward to today I smile without any care in the world and it just comes natural to me, especially when taking blog pictures as I literally have the cutest smile ever.

I believe in love. I love to fall in love. I love the butterflies that I feel deep down when I fall in love. I am a sucker for love and by this love I mean romantic love not the one you have for your brothers or sisters


I am naturally a creative and lover of arts ( dance, music, writing, designing and sewing, make up) little wonder when my mom birthed me, it took a while for me to come out and then the nurses told my mom that I was making up and would really love fashion. My mum tells everyone who cares to listen.

I am a very good dancer, at age 10 I danced in front of a huge gathering in the hall and all the guests stood up in ovation. I represented my secondary school in dance competitions and was second best during my stay in NYSC camp but right now fam It really does take me time to put up a good dance, don’t ask me why because I don’t know.

I started seeing foreign movies in my early 20’s, reason being that I felt I could barely hear what these foreign actors said. If it wasn’t nollywood movies, count me out

Now to the look for today, I honestly do have an unwavering love for off shoulder trends. I love how it makes me feel, you know that kind of ‘ showing just a little yet covering up so much’

It’s versatility is top notch as it provides an array of outfits to choose from. Off shoulder trends come in tops, dresses, play suits and evening gowns and really doesn’t seem to difficult to style.

For this look I decided to opt for a casual style. With my boyfriend jeans, sneakers and sling bad I was good to go. I didn’t want anything too much, apparently putting the off shoulder top on the spotlight today.

What do you think of the off shoulder trend and please do let me know some facts about you in the comment section. I would love to connect with you.

8 comments on “Five Fun Facts about me plus a little round up on the off shoulder trend

  1. Well done mama. You are doing good.😍😍😍😍. Loved the off shoulder combo with non skiny jeans. Unlike when it’s all clingy.

  2. You owe us a dance video!! And I mean it, lool. I can relate with the movie thingy, if it’s not subtitled, then I don’t watch. I’ve definitely gotten better now lol.
    Off shoulder trend is here to stay, or so it seems. Love the whole outfit. xxx
    Laitanbee Blog

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