Hi guys, can we just act like I never left this space. A lot of things happened, life happened, so many things in between, so many things along the way but I’m here now so it’s fine. I’m pretty sure my apologies are well accepted. Let’s get down to business shall we…
Today we would be talking pleats and culottes *drum rolls*. Lately I have been wanting to try out new things and changing my wardrobe wasn’t an exception. God knows how badly I wanted culottes and I knew that this want would transcend into being my latest acquisition sooner or later. It was just a function of time, I didn’t know exactly when I would get it but I knew I would have this culottes.
So on this particular day when I felt I had just about a little amount of money, I thought to myself why not satisfy this craving of mine and get the culottes and before I could say ‘jack’ I found myself in Yaba ( Yes yaba market, that’s where I get everything)

Right from the word ‘go’ all I wanted was just a simple pair of culottes nothing extra but once I saw this culottes with pleats oh girl was I amazed. That’s some double dose of goodness.

I wore this with a black cold shoulder crop top and my black heels.. nothing much, nothing extra. So there you have it guys, what do you think about this look. Hit me up at the comment section, would love to hear from you

20 comments on “CULOTTES & PLEATS

  1. I think nothing but gorgeous sexy and hot babe, I love everything about the outfit, from the black crop top to the culottes to the heels ,for me it’s 10/10, nice one

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