Bringing back the beret trend unapologetically

The beret trend was definitely a thing in 2017. Not a day went by without seeing celebrities, models, fashion enthusiasts and bloggers rocking this trend effortlessly.
This trendy Parisian hat style graced every occasion from fashion shows to concerts and even street style events. I seemed to have jumped in on the trend rather too late but what’s that thing they say, better late than never huh!!.
I only just started seeing more of the beret trend late last year and once I saw the trend I was sold. I knew I was going to try it someday but I couldn’t place my fingers as to when exactly I would try it. It became a definite must have for me solely because it has a way of elevating your style game and so 2018 wasn’t going to go by without me trying the beret trend.

This trend may seem out of place for some people as it has a way of making one look like a school girl or a chorister but either ways I wasn’t going to allow this deter me from trying on the beret.
For fashion lovers, beret is just one accessory that should be found in your wardrobe. It just makes you stand out, become a little different from others and clearly shows that you are all for fashion and everything related to it.
Take a look at how I styled mine here

What do you think about this trend, would you be trying this soon??. Please do let me know in the comment section

14 comments on “Bringing back the beret trend unapologetically

  1. The beret trend is french style line that is chic and classy in a “hood” way. It definitely has come to stay. You sure wear it well

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