Blazer dress

The Blazer Dress- what’s not to love

Time and time again we have seen favourite style lovers on street parade themselves in blazer dress that it is now adequate to say that blazers have evolved from work style to street style.
Blazer dress
Blazer dresses are not really common in this part of the world partly because of our weather. However in parts like America, the blazer dress is the perfect outfit for FALL.
blazer dress
I have never really owned a blazer dress and it’s one reason why I got myself one from @marianclothing_ng. I actually did like the way it looked on style enthusiasts here in Nigeria. It creates a boss look yet gives that sexy and chic vibes. Not too many outfits can give off such look like the blazer dress.
Blazer dress
When it comes to versatility, blazer dresses make the cut as it can be paired with a lot of other outfits and accessories from pleated skirts, to mom jeans to thigh boots, sneakers depending on whatever style you are going for

I for one like to wear a blazer dress as a blazer dress- with nothing under. I could pair it with a sneakers or a heels but then I don’t like to take away the fact that it is a blazer dress
Blazer dress

Outfit details
Blazer dress : @marianclothing_ng
Mules: @v.i.t_shop
Bag: @youslay_ng

What do you think of this outfit, how well would you style a blazer dress apart from the way I styled mine. I would really love to hear from you

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