Basic Tips Every Start Up should know

On a regular basis, we see a huge number of people leaving their white collar jobs to start up their businesses. This doesn’t come at a better time than now where there is a large number of millennial creatives, entrepreneurs and small scale businesses. This period has seen the birth of entrepreneurs than earlier days.
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In a country like Nigeria where 40% of women are entrepreneurs and where the government and its policies do not favour start ups, I think it’s about time we talked about Start ups and Small scale businesses

I was opportuned to get a free invite to an event organized by ORACLE and a host of other companies and agencies that is centered on helping Start Ups and it would be unfair to hold back on some knowledge I got at the event, hence this post
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Four tips that are essential for every Start Up or small scale business are as follows;

You cannot but take this into cognizance the fact that small businesses need to get things accurate right from the word ‘go’. This is because people out there will base their patronage on this. Getting the basics right would put your business on the radar, it just has a way of making yourself known and bringing in a lot of sales. Once you don’t get the basics right, you lose all. Big businesses can get away with this but small businesses do not enjoy this luxury
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• AUTOMATION: We live in a world of technology no doubt and so it’s alright if our processes in the line of our production or businesses are automated. For instance rather than carrying files everywhere, we could share such files via phones and computers. Also, rather than delivering letters via post and what not we can do that through electronic mails. Automation makes us carry out our business functions easily.
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Our business should not be about us alone.It’s important to get the right team on board and make the business much about other people. That way even if the business owner is dead or not in the country, his business can still function without him. This is the reason why Big industries like CocaCola has lasted the test of time.

• OUTSOURCE: The bitter truth is that we can’t do all by ourselves and so there is the need to outsource jobs to other people outside our field. It definitely saves time and removes some level of stress from us.
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Finally it’s right to pay your taxes whether small business or big business and be involved in the government of the day. Also worthy of note is that small businesses should be able to keep and document every financial record.

Basically Start ups and businesses in general should be centered around PEOPLE, PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY where one cannot do without each other.

Now to my Favourite part (What I Am Wearing)

I am wearing a dress from @marianclothing_ng. I particularly love this one because of it’s fringe details. It’s perfect for church service, weddings or dinner parties in general and since I’m all about versatility it’s only right that I get myself one.
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My bag is from ShopMaju. I got it last year when I took advantage of the huge sales going on and my heels of course are thrifted
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I hope you found this post insightful, please do share your thoughts about this post with me

8 thoughts on “Basic Tips Every Start Up should know

  1. I love your outfit! And yes, I also learnt *lol*. I especially like the part about “your business not being about you alone”. I’d also like to say that I personally don’t agree with folks leaving their day job to start a business with so much risks and instability involved. I thinks it’s safer to keep your 9-5 job while building your business by the side to reduce financial instability and have a back-up just in case and only leave your day job when you’ve gotten your footing regarding your business. Or what do you think?

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