pearled denim skirt


pearled denim
So its another Do It Yourself project on the blog and I think I am getting better by the day if I do say so myself. It was only a matter of time I had to push myself to spread my tentacles. Prior to this time I had not the faintest idea that I would be doing any DIY, but you know that saying that goes ‘never say never’. My DIY posts have been a hit back to back and for me there seems to be no stopping back on this.
pearled denim skirt

For this post we would be doing a pearled denim skirt. This is another way of killing two birds with one stone, the reason I say so is this
– with this DIY you can actually revamp or change the look of your skirt
– You can also work your way out of boredom and idleness when your hands get busy
– With this project, you can add glam or spice to your outfit
– You still have one more reason not to discard your jeans skirt
For the purpose of this post all you need are
* glue
* pearls (400 naira for a pack)
* any jeans skirt
pearled denim skirt
There is just one step to achieve this look that might look somewhat difficult which is adding glue to your pearls and putting them in the desired section of your skirt or sparsely spaced out on your skirt and viola you would be coming through like bangdadang. With this DIY, you have just one more reason to keep that skirt back into your wardrobe, that is what got me laughing pretty hard in the second picture below
pearled denim skirt
pearled denim skirt
Hey guys, please do not go without leaving me your comments at the comment section, lets talk. Also do not forget to enter for the giveaway here

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