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Hi guys, welcome to the 2nd edition of my blogger collaboration. The first collaboration I had was with @_ilamosi_ of
This second collaboration is with the guru herself, Nonye of She is someone everyone knows by now. One girl that has surely paved a way for herself in the art of fashion. I was indeed elated to have partnered with her on this.
Although this collaboration was stalled since last year and I honestly thought it just might not hold, but when you have the right support system there’s always a way out, Nonye has just proven to be that.

For this collaboration we decided to do something we are not accustomed to and something other bloggers wouldn’t expect. Neither of us have really put up posts on ankara dresses ( We have put up just one)
And so we got ankara dresses from clothing brand @ora_ocollectiveand centered the collaboration on these ankara dresses.
Nonye decided to style her off shoulder dress with a pair of white mules while I went for the exaggerated sleeve dress with a pair of lace up heels and ta-da we created magic.
These dresses are a perfect definition of church style and it really made us want to go to church the second time that day( the collaboration was done on a Sunday )
I couldn’t help but stare at Nay, she kept laughing all through the shoot and generally lifted my spirits. She is one person everybody should surround him or herself with.

Special thanks to @tfunsophotos and @uchaychyfor coming through with their cameras and phones. For the first time ever I didn’t have to worry about who was going to take pictures of us. Overall, it was a fun collaboration with Nay. There’s no dull moment with her.

Be sure to head over to her blog on Monday as she would be putting up her own part of the collaboration. Don’t forget to leave your genuine comments down the comment section, would really want to know your thoughts

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  1. You guys look cool, I followed your link from her post, I’ve been following nonye for sometime now and I agree she’s totally amazing.

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