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Hey guys, it’s been like forever I know I know. A lot of things contributed to my absence, top of the list is WRITERS BLOCk. For a long time I didn’t know what to write, this led to a drop in motivation and ultimately not feeling like it anymore. I’m happy to be back on here to connect with you guys. What better way to come back to blogging than to bring a collaboration at your finger tips
I and @the_estephany have had this collaboration thing ongoing for months now and I’m just glad we were able to do this before the year runs out. Every year ever since I started my clothing brand @marianclothing_ng, I have always collaborated with bloggers, first of which was @thisthingcalledfashion, second was @princessaudu and third is @the_estephany

The venue of the location we used was marcellinopastrylagos, a restaurant located in the heart of Lagos, Victoria island to be precise. Although this restaurant has a really beautiful space that is aesthetically pleasing and as a matter of fact worthy of Instagram pictures, their relationship with bloggers isn’t all that friendly. We were asked to buy food worth 8000 naira just before we could take any picture with our phone and for camera we were asked to buy something worth 20,000. It looks like every restaurant in Lagos is made to frustrate the efforts of Lagos bloggers
Anyways I, the_estephany and our photographer decided to collectively buy food worth 8000 because (we cannot kill ourselves) read that as that’s what we could afford and they finally allowed us to take pictures .I had something in mind as regards the theme of the shoot but I couldn’t just place my fingers on it. So I brought with me accessories like hat, vintage scarf and a pair of sunshades. On seeing the pictures, @The_estephany tagged the look as ‘Billionare country side women and that kind of worked except that the billionaire is on the way. Our beautiful outfits are from @marianclothing_ng.

All in all I loved this collaboration in the sense that we didn’t prepare well enough for it but the results came out nice. What do you think guys??? Pen down your thoughts in the comment section, would love to hear from you

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