The Little Black Dress.

Hey Sweets, I am back again. I am so elated at the feedbacks and constructive criticisms I got from all of you. This feeling is so overwhelming. I feel like a mother who just heard her new born baby say his or her first word.
Today, I will be talking about the little black dress. Yes, that little black dress lying there in your wardrobe staring at you and telling you to rock me today but still you would not.. hehehehe!!!
Now, back to business… The little black dress has passed the test of time and has come to stay. It is a must have for every lady. The little black dress is chic, classy and simple.
The little black dress can be worn to our place of work, hangouts, dinners, worn to school casually and even church.


This little black dress can be worn this way for your dinner or late night dates with a pair of stilettos. Try this out and thank me later.


You can also pull off a jacket or blazer over that little black dress of yours and wear it to church, giving you a decent look.


A little black dress can be worn on a sneakers. To spice this more, you can tie a jeans shirt just over your waist to get that playful look.

I must confess that I am very happy at what I do and nothing gives me greater joy than to see that people get to read my posts. I look forward to putting down my own ideas of fashion everyother day and this is actually because of you. Thank you so much😊

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