Sneak that Sneakers!!

Hey lovelies, hope you had a wonderful weekend. As the days go by, my hands become more itchy to write something new for you. I am so happy to be doing this and I can not be thankful enough because you all made it so. Gracias!!
Today, I will be writing on how to sneak that sneakers..Lol!! I really don’t know what this means but I am sure you understand what I mean. Now, onto the matter.. Sneakers is an iconic footwear that has won the hearts of so many and still remains dear to many fashion lovers.
I will not be writing on the conventional ways of rocking that sneakers. Rather I’d be writing on the “not so usual way” of spicing up your sneakers. We all know that you can wear your sneakers with a jeans bla bla bla!! And most times, this normal way seems boring, trust me.
There are other daring but trending ways of rocking your sneakers that many people really have not summoned courage to try. Many people actually do not want to tread this path but really it will do you no harm to try out your sneakers in ways other than normal. Rather than conform to the norm, you can break that norm.
Anyways, I am here to help you on that journey. Here are some ways you can sneak your sneakers.


1. Other than wearing your sneakers with a pair of Jean trousers, you can also where that sneakers on a skirt.. Whatever type of skirt, be it flare skirt, jeans skirt or even your bodycon skirt.

2.Who says you can’t wear your sneakers on a short flare skirt. If you want to be daring, bold and different, take a cue from Daisy and you wouldn’t regret you did.

3. You can rock your sneakers on your normal dress or a bodycon dress. You wouldn’t go wrong with a sneakers over a dress.

4. Finally, you can also rock those sneakers of yours on a shirt dress, whether long or short. Don’t say I didn’t tell you, hehehehe!!!

It’s really fun when you try out so many things other than the conventional ways. Fashion Is not meant to be boring and normal sometimes. Go out of your way to be edgy too.
Thank you very much for your time. Till I write some other day, remain blessed

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  1. really cool…..Nkiru needs to read this….she use her sneakers only when she wears jeans trouser….😘😘😘nice piece

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