Same Vintage, different styles

Hey darlings!!! How are things going on with you. I hope the drastic increase in the price of tomatoes hasn’t gotten the better of you. Why should it anyways, my blog is here to ease out all frustration.
Well today, I will be talking about vintage shirts and how to style them. Take a break to ransack your mum or dads closet and you should be able to get hold of one vintage clothing. Vintage clothing generally is clothing made in the 80’s or earlier than that
There is a wide variety of vintage clothing you can pick from which are shoes, scarves, shirts, skirts, sweaters, jeans. With so much clothing and accessories from vintage, there is a vintage look for everyone.
In a bid to avoid a little complication here and there, I have decided to gravitate towards one style of vintage clothing which is the vintage shirts. Yeah yeah, I am all about the vintage shirts. Who is with me on this one???
Vintage shirts (what I used to call Burna boy shirts, please don’t laugh) are really not the usual kind of shirts we see everyday. Vintage shirts come with its own kind of uniqueness. If you want to stand out from the crowd, get a vintage shirt. However acquiring one can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know how to style them.
The best bet therefore is to start with the basics. Try not to go overboard when wearing your vintage shirts. If you’d go with the brightly coloured vintage shirts, try as much as possible to tone down the outfits with neutral colours especially black and white.
Also, wearing too many vintage clothing can result to wearing a costume. On a safer side, try to pair your vintage clothing with some other clothing that is not vintage.
It appears confusing but I know some pictures would help elaborate my point. Feed your eyes.

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