Pleating Those Skirts!!!!

Hello sweets, trust your week has been going on fine. Mine has been nothing but sweet.. only those that went to the “dungeon” for lack of a better word [because I don’t think camp is really the word] would understand why my week has been beautiful. I get to enjoy full network service on my phone and also enjoy power supply for some time at least it’s far better than Ilorin.
Onto the matter, today I’d be talking about pleated skirts. I get that feeling when it comes to wearing pleated skirts, it makes one look like a grandma. For some other people, this piece is old fashioned anyways I am here to erase that notion.
Pleated skirts are to a very large extent embraced in this clime as opposed to our mini skirts and other tight fitted skirts like bodycon skirts reason being that many pleated skirts come in lengthy as such helps to cover our body.
It is for this reason I like pleated skirts and it’s also for this reason many people do not like pleated skirts. Be that as it may, one thing remains sure knowing how to pleat your way into these skirts and styling these skirts would surely make heads turn. Pleated skirts are ladylike and decent but it’s really not suitable in rainy seasons.
Pleated skirts could be worn to church. work and play.
You could try your pleated skirts with colourful spaghetti tops to bring out the life in those skirts.
Your pleated skirts could be worn with blazers.
You could rock that pleated skirt of yours on heels or sneakers. Had to try the sneaks out to see if it would work and of course it did.
There’s nothing more beautiful than a girl in an off shoulder top with a pleated skirt.
Pleated skirts could be worn with your crop tops.

Feel free to tell me what you feel about these outfits. Your comments are highly appreciated

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