My Boyfriend’s Shirt

Hey beautiful people, today we would be talking about our boyfriends’ shirts. Have you ever heard this statement “man is insatiable” that is man(by man I mean human beings) can never really be satisfied. Well, that’s for a fact but I am beginning to think that women on their own are even more insatiable.
Now how do we explain this?? A woman is no longer satisfied with her clothes and then goes all the way to borrow or steal, in much more likeable terms “wear” her boyfriend’s shirt, brother’s shirt or daddy’s shirt.
Good thing is we are gradually coming out of our shells and are trying out other unusual fashion pieces, bad thing is that sometimes we steal from them and I am guilty of this too.
Any shirt at all that is loose, long and a little big which is obviously not ours is what we refer to as a boyfriend shirt. Lately this fashion item has become a wardrobe staple so much that it can now be bought almost everywhere and owned by so many ladies.
From boyfriend jeans to boyfriend blazers and boyfriend shirts, we are gradually raiding their closets and taking over their style and taking their shine too
There’s this inclination for our boyfriends’ shirts especially when we spend the weekends at their place. And there’s this aura and sexy look that comes with wearing his shirt on bed while sipping coffee. I hope I am not sounding too sappy.
I used to think that girls exude sexiness only in their tight, fitted and skinny jeans and dresses but oversized (boyfriend) shirts have proven me wrong. There’s nothing as sexy and slouchy as a girl in a buttoned down white oversized shirt. The feel is unimaginable, edgy and simple.
There are sometimes we like to look girly in our playful skirts and sexy in our tight, clinging dresses and jeans. Other times we just want to look laid back and dress down, boyfriend shirts help us to achieve this look.
You really do not need to buy this fashion piece. This fashion item is readily available as long as you have a boyfriend, father, brother, uncle or a male friend. So why spend when you can actually steal from them.

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