Lets talk about the Shift Dress

Well, not so many people know how bad I love good food but hey I am not a glutton. There is just this feeling I get like shivers down my spine when I see and smell good food. I don’t even feel such type of way when I see fine guys.
Well, just so that I don’t cry at home since I could not go for eat and drink festival in Lagos, I decided to go to Hard rock cafe and I enjoyed every bit of it. This post isn’t about what went down at Hard Rock Cafe, it’s actually about what I wore to the cafe and this brings us to the shift dress.
If you really don’t want to have a serious look on some days when you just want to look playful yet classy, a shift dress is the way to go. A shift dress is one dress that has no shape and one that is not well detailed. Since shift dresses usually do not have shape, its our duty that we still look hot even in those dresses.
As simple as a shift dress is, it really does not need such things as heavy accessories and the likes. Wearing a shift dress entails that we keep every other accessory simple too. It helps us to achieve a minimalistic look.
Shift dresses usually come in short lengths as such a lot of attention would go down to our legs, this makes it insanely important to wear very nice shoes. You could wear your shift dresses with heels, sneakers, converse or flats.

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