Hey pumpkins, how are you all doing. This post happens to be my first ever lifestyle post in the actual sense of it. You know, the initial plan was to have a fashion blog but still talk about every other thing that needs to be talked about but my love for fashion seems to undermine this initial plan. This first post makes me feel like I am back on track.
While growing up, it was a big deal to go out and have fun especially because I am the only daughter and my parents in their own view felt it was risky to allow that.
Look who is all grown up now and can tour the world if she likes ( not the world though but at least Nigeria for now). Yipee!!!! Knowing this for a fact makes me happy and I tend to imagine myself in so many places. I am enjoying every bit of fun I lost at childhood.
So my last visit to Lagos would not have been complete without visiting one or two places. I decided to visit Terra kulture and I never regretted that decision.
From the name ” Terra kulture” one would know that this place depicts our culture.
It’s a good thing that Nigeria is highly cultural with diverse religions and languages. Well, it’s one thing to be cultural and it’s another thing to maintain and uphold that culture .
It’s on this note that I commend the people behind such mindset to create a place like Terra kulture. The creation of Terra culture is in fact a laudable one.
Terra kulture is a restaurant that reminds us of where we come from and where we belong. If you have actually missed the way as regards your culture, Terra kulture is the place to be. It brings you back home.
From its restaurant all made with wood to the gallery decorated with such beautiful artworks to the reading room, terra culture is culture itself. Terra Kulture is the premier leading arts,lifestyle and cultural hub and this is my first lifestyle post… whew!!, what a coincidence.

What were you up to at the weekend?? Do you know of any nice places one could visit. Feel free to hit me up at the comment section

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