My trip to Ibadan; highlighting two places you should visit

I had only slept for twenty minutes ( the shortest I have had in years) in this rickety bus only to be woken up by the loud blare of horns. Apparently the bus drivers are at it again.
I yawned like someone who hadn’t slept in years and wiped my face with the back of my hands. Finally I have gotten to my destination, I said to myself. Not that it was such a long journey but it was a tiring one and I couldn’t wait to alight from the bus.
This wasn’t my first time in Ibadan, neither was it my second nor third. As a matter of fact I had previously spent four years in Ibadan studying at the prestigious university- the university of Ibadan. Three years down the lane and I’m back in this city, albeit for a slightly different reason.
Ibadan is no doubt an ancient city but what people really do not know is that Ibadan has now seen more modern buildings than it has seen in the past. It’s safe to say that the city is a mixture of both old and new only that the latter happened more recently and is still happening.
Contrary to widely held beliefs, Ibadan is not as local as how people paint it and obviously not as ‘tush’ as Lagos though but Ibadan clearly boasts of so many things top of which is the low cost of living.
Houses, foodstuffs and transport cost are relatively low. During my trip to Ibadan I purchased one big egg for 35naira and boarded a cab for 30naira. You can imagine my amazement. I stood by the shop and fixed my gaze on the seller for some seconds, I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I’ll get such big egg for that amount.

My first stop was at FROSTYS. A pretty nice place where they sell ice cream. If not for anything I like the fact that the place is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You might not really get to see beautiful places like this in Ibadan so when I got to this place I was happy.
A scoop of icecream costs #500 and I ordered for two. Not the best of ice cream I have had so far but certainly not the worst. Asides icrecream, they sell other things like drinks at the bar, fries and sharwarma. It’s one place you should visit if it’s your first time in Ibadan.

Looking for a place similar to Lekki Conservation Center in Lagos, then Agodi Gardens in Ibadan is that place. There is the forest walk, swimming pool and a lounge in Agodi gardens unlike lekki conservation center that does not have a swimming pool.
A gate fee of 500naira is required before you are allowed in. It’s a pretty nice place to hang out with friends, observe nature at its best and hold picnics with family.

Apart from the regular KFC, Domino Pizza and shop rite, these two places should be on your wanderlust list. Have you ever been to Ibadan, what’s your experience like. Please pen down your comments in comment section

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18 thoughts on “My trip to Ibadan; highlighting two places you should visit

  1. Wow. I had heard of Agodi gardens but not the other place. I didn’t even know such aesthetically pleasing place exists in Ibadan. I really should visit there.
    By the way, you’re a really good writer. There aren’t many bloggers that get me excited with their writing like yours. Kudos!

    Tosin Olaniyi xx

  2. Nice write up, Ibadan is untapped sap which needs to be explored more. You apparently missed a whole lot in your visit, didn’t mention the good roads and road projects ongoing, Ventura, Palms and cocoa malls, the ringroad red light district, housing estates etc, maybe it’ll have been better if you had a guide.

  3. Nice! Planning on going to Ibadan for the first time next week for Easter. I’ll deffs check out frosties! Btw where did you stay? Someone recommended travel house hotel but I’m still open to other options.

  4. I live in ibadan so I’ve been to those places. You’re right about ibadan being a mixture of the old and new. I think that’s what makes it amazing… standing at the top of cocoa house and looking at all the brown roofs or visiting places like frostys and Agodi gardens!

    Love your pictures btw

  5. First, I loveeee your shoes. Too lit.
    Although the name Frostys sounds familiar and I stay in Ibadan but when I saw that first picture, I was sure I haven’t been there or seen anyone take a picture there in fact because it’s really aesthetically pleasing . You didn’t mention where it’s located though I’m guessing Bodija. I’m definitely going to make out time to go there. Agodi gardens is bae, I just don’t like the fact that there’s only a few things to do in there. Enjoyed reading this post. xx

  6. Hiya. Your face looked very familiar from your IG feed but I couldn’t place it until you mentioned finishing from University of Ibadan, That’s where I must run into you. I’m guessing Faculty of Social Sciences? Psychology? I’m I right? I loooved looooooved your writing style. It kept me glued and the pictures are amazing! There a lot of other aesthetically pleasing and fun places in Ib now, most might not be as “tush” as Lag (like you correctly stated) but there quite a number of them. And girrrl, your shoes are fly! Love the post.

    1. Yes dear, I know you well. The first place I saw you was in Awo. I guess that’s where we saw for the first time. I finished Geography in social sciences. Thanks girl

      1. Oh really?! It must have been Awo then. Geography, my bad. *lol* It’s comforting to know there’s a friendly face in this “blogosphere” if you know what I mean. You’re doing an amazing job I have to say. . 😘. I’m subscribing asap mostly because I love your content. Keep it up hun

  7. i am a proud ibadan girl, i currently stay in lagos where i work but nothing beats ibadan, i get that lagos is tush and all but i’d rather be in ibadan than lagos. it is peaceful, affordable, i even feel ibadan is neater than lagos sef, i’ve bin on d search for accommodation for a while now and the houses i’ve bin seeing are an eye sore and yet pple say lagos this lagos that. pls where is frostys situated? i hope to go soon.

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