Travel tips for the Christmas Holiday

Hi fellas, its about time I shared some travel tips for the christmas holidays… I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays already and for those that aren’t yet on holidays I do hope you would enjoy yours.. Christmas holiday is undoubtedly my favourite holiday and so it is for many people. It is that time we try to spend time with family and friends and for the igbo people in the house it’s that time of the year we travel down to our villages in the east.
In the wake of this, I’d be sharing some travel tips on the blog. Travelling for the christmas shouldn’t turn you to a grouch, remember it’s the time to have fun with your loved ones as such there should be no moment of sadness whatsoever. With the right attitude and little preparation, travelling for Christmas becomes an easy peasy one to do and of course would translate to being the best Christmas for you
DO YOUR RESEARCH: When travelling just like undergoing any activity there is the impelling need to do your homework. This entails comparing flight tickets if travelling by air or comparing bus prices if travelling by road. Check out for other alternative routes that would have less traffic. It’s also important to know the restrictions of airlines to avoid any hassle.

BE FLEXIBLE: Travelling for holidays doesn’t require any one to be rigid and stuck onto one plan. Considering other alternatives is the best way to go. Be flexible with the main modes of transport, if flights aren’t available would you rather not travel or consider travelling by bus. Would you travel days before Christmas or on the day of christmas to save cost. Which is the best time to leave, peak days or off peak days??

PACK LIGHT: You would not want to get to your destination looking all haggard and tired; in order to make your travel less stressful, it is essential to pack light. Heavy clothings like jeans, over coats, cardigans should be worn while other lighter clothes should be packed. Only those things which you feel are essential should be packed while other unnecessary things should be left at home.

YOU MIGHT JUST NEED HEADPHONES OR EARPLUGS: With so much planning and running around while preparing for this trip, a little noise here or there wouldn’t make the best trip for you. In order to avoid this, stash your bag with headphones and earplugs. This would help in drowning all the noise that comes with the travel season.

I hope you found these travel tips useful. Feel free to drop your comments on the blog. Merry Christmas in advance darlings

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  1. Hi Ada, compliment of the season. Just stumbled on your blog and thought to say kudos. Remember me? Halima’s sister. Have a fan holidays

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