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I haven’t done restaurant review in a long time now but that’s about to take a different direction as I would be incorporating reviews about restaurants once in a month. It’s actually no news that I’m a go to person when friends look for new places to hangout, same can also be said for other bloggers. I guess it comes with the job, talk about perks of being a blogger.

So on this fateful day, I and my friend decided to try out the people at 7square Lagos. They are located at 7, Musa Yaradua street, Victoria Island, Lagos. It’s an upscale restaurant located in the heart of Lagos.

I love restaurants that have indoor areas and outdoor areas, 7 square Lagos does not only have these but they also have a non smoking area and a smoking area right in their indoor restaurant. I love the fact that customers were put into consideration in the making of this restaurant.

The ambience was cozy, serene with soft music playing in the background. The dining was also exquisite and fine. They have large dining for family and tables for two and three

Customer service was definitely on point and they kept to time. We asked how long it would take for them to get us our food and they said 15 minutes and 15 minutes was it. The waiter that attended to us was very professional yet friendly, he explained in details what each menu was like and we loved him for that, he never forgot to wear a smile at each interval

I had the grilled fish, fried yam and plantain with tomato sauce while my friend had the Linguini Pasta with prawns and calamari sauce together with a drink called Forbidden Island. We totally enjoyed our food and drinks.

I liked that the yam was fried on the outside and somewhat tasted boiled on the inside and the plantain was so perfect just the way I like it… Oh my!!! the grilled fish was out of this world, however I felt like the tomato sauce should have been a little more peppery

My food cost 8,500 naira and the bottle of water was 700 naira. Hers cost 8,500 naira too and her drink cost 2,500 naira. I feel it was a little bit on the high side, with both of us spending about 20,000 naira and if it was going to be at this price then the portions should have been bigger than what we got


I would give them an 8/10. I really enjoyed my stay there but for the price and as a blogger I was allowed to use their space to take many outfit pictures, who doesn’t love that ??? Oops, I forgot to add there is enough car space just in case you’d be bringing in your cars.

Over to you guys, would you be visiting this restaurant and can you also drop me places to visit down in the comment section??

With love from Adagirl

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  1. I love restaurant reviews. I think the restaurant is quite pricey for the amount of food they served you guys though. You should try danfo bistro next.

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