My Whole experience at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino

Hi darlings, how are you all doing. So I was unable to put up a post last Week. How many of you noticed?? Well my reasons aren’t concrete enough but without pictures and content is there a blog really?? So yeah those are my reasons, I actually ran out of blog content ideas and for the first time in my life I felt completely empty. I sincerely apologize, on the flipside enough credit should be given to me too because I have been dishing out blog content steady and consistently at least up until last week when I faltered *tears*
Today I’ll be talking about my whole experience at the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino, Victoria Island *wipes tears*. I am really not the exposed one but Mr A has been trying to up my game on that *covers face* So I have been to Terra Kulture ( I wrote all about that here incase you missed it), Monty buffet, the Place, Hard rock cafe and I tell you none can be compared with the magnificence that meets Federal Palace Hotel or maybe Hard rock cafe can be compared.
However there is a but, I think the exterior of the whole place didn’t really do justice to the interior. I think the exterior of the building lacked a smack of elegance. Even with that I knew that the interior would be a sight to behold. So when I walked in I wasn’t really taken aback seeing that the interior and exterior were completely in contrast to each other.
I loved the feel of the whole place. The ambience, the quietness, the aesthetic pleasure. I was beginning to feel like it’s a private dinner with Mr A ( lol, I have such high expectations though)
It was a buffet kind of service as you would expect. The chefs and waiters were of good behaviour and delivered their service diligently. There was not a slightest pinch of delay. The workers were up to the task, so orderly and committed. It seemed to me that they loved their jobs. You really might not see that everywhere you know..
For my appetizer I had something like sharwarma, salad, little pieces of boiled egg, fish of which I did not finish. Not because it wasn’t sumptuous but I was just overwhelmed and completely engrossed in taking pictures. I had to be, I had to do that because of the blog.
That’s me when I became fed up with the fork and knife thing
I was completely “shook” when they declined i take pictures… ( you can actually refuse to give me food but don’t tell me not to take pictures in this beautiful place) How would you do that to me, How would you stab me in the back… I think I am getting emotional now. On a serious note, I felt really bad. So I settled for selfies ( I still had to be mindful of that)
So for the actual dinner I had rice and beans with salad, meat and fish.. I think I had a thing for that fish. It was really delicious. I had started to build a bond with the fish but you know all these bonds do not last….I still did not finish the food, I’m sure you know why, was still engrossed in taking more and more pictures.
And for desert, I had peppersoup with whatever that’s inside. I really enjoyed all I ate but didn’t finish all ( Irony of life). It was such a beautiful experience plus you get to see or run into celebs for free *hehehe*.. I was opportuned to see tania omotayo and kanayo .o. kanayo but what do you expect from an anti social girl like me ( no pictures taken)
That’s basically my whole experience at the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino. It’s bye for now darlings.. Hugs and kisses from me ( on my bed) to you….. If you would like to share some of your experiences with me you can hit me up with your blog url in the comment section..I’d love to read and comment

10 thoughts on “My Whole experience at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino

  1. It seems like you had a good time😊 but why won’t they allow you to take pictures na? 😧 that dress looks amazing and so do you.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Great Post dear.

  2. sounds like so. much fun… too bad about the picture thing though….Dont worry, you’ve been pretty consistent with the blog totally understand taking a few moments to recuperate, churning out new content regularly isn’t quite an easy task

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