Hey sweets, what’s popping…. If you follow me on instagram or perhaps stumbled on my instagram page you would have seen a picture of me in my convocation gown. Yeah, yeah that’s me graduating from the prestigous university- the university of Ibadan. However, this convocation is coming after a year of finishing school and after NYSC is almost rounding up for me. I know what you are thinking, Why now??.. This is something I have actually come to terms with. ( finish school and convocate- heard the word is now ‘convoke’ a year after, heard six months general strike at one point tweaked the whole system).. Good thing is that it never changed my own system. *inserts wide grin*
Well, I did not bag an award at the ceremony, thanks be to GOD but I was able to take some life lessons from school, all thanks be to God too. Today, I’d be sharing some life lessons I was able to take away from the school.
– Pass through the school and let the school pass through you: Never let anyone deceive you that the university of ibadan or any university at all is one big academic field where all you need to do is bury your head in those books all day and all night. Well, I’m here to feed you with some truth. I heard all of that too before I got admitted into the school. It’s no doubt that U.I is a very serious school but it’s very disastrous if one just goes about reading only. School is fun when you get involved in all other aspects apart from academics alone. There’s the social life, political life, sports life in school. It’s more or less like an all in one package so why not make full use of this package. I was able to get hold of the academic and social life and till date I look back and smile to myself that I was able to do this so well. I did not just pass through the school I also let the school pass through you
– Do not depend on just that certificate (pali) as some people would call it: I thought it was just Donald trump ( and the american society) who had no political qualifications whatsoever but still emerged as the president of America, not until I heard Folorunsho Alakija’s story. This woman who undoubtedly is the richest woman in Nigeria has not seen the four walls of the University. Have you ever thought about combining your certificate with some skills. It’s so sad but true that sometimes our certificates gets us nothing as result making it somewhat imperative for us to never depend on just our certificates alone. Society has made us realise that certificate is not the gateway to success but a stepping stone to achieving success.
-There is no short cut to academic success in University of Ibadan: I really cannot say about other schools but one thing is sure in the university of Ibadan, you can’t buy your way to the top. Take it or leave it, you need to work and study hard to come out tops in class or to even pass. I have seen people who did this but were rusticated sooner or later. The truth is that some people would do this and feel they have gotten away with this but it ends up whisking their dreams of finishing from the school. So why do this at all??? This does not apply to schools alone, it’s applicable to every other thing we do in life. We should all work our butts out to success in life.
-Never forget the family you come from and remember you have a name to protect: Whenever we step our feet outside of our homes to a place entirely different from home, we should always remember that we have a name to protect and we have a family we belong to. There is nothing like family and family is all that matter. Cases where girls pick up vices when they get to school are so rampant. There is a thin line between having fun and loosing it. We forget that we can also have fun without misbehaving.
Do not make friends, make true friends: Friends and peer group form a greater part of our lives. They influence our decisions directly or indirectly and yes, they could also make you or mar you. The need to make true friends cannot be overemphasized. Friends that will stick with you from nothing to everything. Friends that would stand the test of time. Friends that would impact positively into your lives. Friends that would share your joy and grief with you. These are the kinds of friends that we should make.

I hope all these would make your stay at the university a worthwhile one. I also hope I have been able to touch a life out there… Till next week darls, remain blessed.


  1. 📣📣📣Congratulations ada. You have hit the nail on the head /head on the nail *which is it 😂😂* People just go into higher institutions and read their selves away forgetting to pass through the school. Wow I didn’t know about alakija lady, I’m amazed. May God help us, Nigeria government doesn’t even help matters on job for graduates irrespective of the grade you come out with the hustle continues if not begins for some. Congrats again b
    Ps. I love your outfit.

  2. congrats on the convocation or is it convokation? anyways you are right about letting school pass through….one of my uncles who is also a lecturer tells me this soooo many times…. oh and I tagged you to do the TMI tag in my latest post

  3. Congrats girl! Some of us are still in this struggle called UI but it’s almost over and trust me I can totally relate to the points you have made above especially having to allow school pass through you and not just passing through school.

  4. Greatest Uite!! Whoop whoop! You made it. I can’t wait to finish up here. Almost in final year. I totally love the lessons you learned. Honestly, it’s not easy being in Ui and like you said there’s no shortcut anywhere. Even in real life.

  5. Girl your points about friends is accurate, make those that will stand the test of time with you, and as for having fun in school, that is just a must for me and buying your way to the top, most people think that private university is all fun and games but truly there’s no shortcut to success
    Great post and I really learnt alot

  6. I couldn’t agree more on everything you s
    aid. The memories I have of to UI, I would never trade. You forgot to mention the religious aspect as well. thank you for this

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