Go digital, Go social….How and Why

The word “digital” can be used to describe the world today and people who are not going digital seem to be cut off from the world. On the other hand, the word ” social media” isn’t new to anyone and most times I feel we no longer live on planet earth but on social media.
Hey beautiful people, how has your week been. I know so many of us are hella excited about the public holidays that have been hitting us back and forth and so many of us are still waiting on the next public holiday like….. Truly, human beings can’t really get enough of all the good things of life.
Anyways, I am more particularly excited at the fact that I have been able to tick somethings off my list of to-do things which is; making myself more open and available for workshops, hangouts and all other things that are fashion and blogging related. Remember the goal is to connect with like minds whilst impacting greatly into my life. I can’t just be wasting my money “Upandan” going for things that don’t mean nothing to me.
And so it was with wide grin and cheeky smile that I gladly accepted to go for the digital marketing and social media workshop. All thanks to Lydia for sharing some of these events on her blog. On my own part, I surfed the internet to be kept abreast of all information concerning the workshop and in that process I realized that the event was free and I had to register of which I did in no distant time.

The event was slated for the 26th of April and was held at the Capital square space in Ikoyi. It was an herculean task finding the venue but I was not deterred because I knew I had to go for this. I got there late as an African woman that I am and I settled in almost immediately as time was running out.

So as not to bore you with so many lectures and because time and space is really running out, I just want to buttress one point I was able to pick from the workshop which is you really do not need to own an exotic shop or place to start your dream business or your dream job, you can start on social media Everybody seems to be threading that path and doing so well in their various endeavors. This is actually sending a signal home that this thing called social media works.
Everyone is interested in the beauty of your products, how well you can deliver your products, how well you can sell your brand and products convincingly. No one is interested in the circumstances that birth such products but everyone is interested in the service that product can offer.

And so just like every other business there is the need to learn the ropes of social media because the truth is social media can make or mar your business. There is the inept need therefore to manipulate the use of social media to meet your purpose.

Hence these key notes
Create not just content but good content:
Create content that your readers want to read, see or hear. Good content that is all engaging, interesting and leaving your readers come back for more. Tell a story with your content and create value with your content.
Hashtags are not just for fun, know how to use them: I must say this with so much emphasis. Five hashtags that are content driven are better than a hundred hashtags that leave you wandering. Before using a hastag, do your research to find out what that hashtag has been used for in the past, use such hashtags consistently, make it short and simple and make sure those hashtags are related to your post and content.
Move past DM’s: I know many of us are familiar with this saying “it goes down in the dms” True but it’s much more beneficial for your business if you move beyond dms. Exchange numbers and start sending messages via WhatsApp, this way you create a relationship much more than business wise. This way you can offer after sales service, ensure that products offered are still doing well up until 10years later. Talk to customers on a personal level that way they feel special and keep coming back for more.

So there you have it, it’s really easy to have your way around social media and digital marketing. Up until this time, I had no idea about all these things. This just boils down to one thing, avail yourself of opportunities like this because it opens our eyes to so much knowledge that we really do not have but think we have. It’s bye for now guys, do well to pen down your comments I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I agree with you on living more in social media than in real life. and I think so many online businesses are more successful than offline because you can get access to people all over the country and world as well. I wish I was able to attend such events and your outfit Is really nice


  2. Thanks alot for sharing. I realy like attending events like these but somehow missed this one. The importance of going digital cannot be over emphasized. The possiblities of things one can do and achieve are simple endless.

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