Currently I am trying to put up this blog post and get through with it because I’m starting to feel like I’m really loosing it. I just want to be consistent with this thing but life seems to be getting in the way of things lately. However let it be known that I’m trying, I mean that’s all I can do… keep trying.

Hey beautiful people, it’s my first “life lately post” in every sense of it. It’s one post that I really don’t have to think too much in developing unlike other posts. So let’s get to this!!!

FEELING: elated about what the future holds for me because I know I am at my least stage in life. It can only get better.

LOVING: This pair of rubber slips I just got recently. It’s so perfect for this weather. I’m also loving this fabric I got from @nnekahofficial I’d be using it for my shift dress campaign of my clothing brand @ora_ocollective. Pls kindly follow if you are not. And then yes my loop earings. I’m gradually moving away from stud earrings and embracing the loop life. I have been wearing a lot lately and I’m loving them all.
Currently I am

CRAVING Hot sharwarma, it’s been a while have had a taste of that and I’m sure it’s gonna make my Sunday to have such snack in my mouth.

LISTENING to Juice by Ycee ft maleek berry and MaraDona by Niniola. I feel the Nigerian music industry is doing well for itself. Everyday I hear good number of quality music coming out of Nigerian musicians and of course you know my favorite is ycee. It looks like I play it more often than radio stations and clubs do

MAKING plans to unveil my brand in a small way. I’m kick starting with a shift dress campaign soon because I’m tired of waiting till I’m a pro and waiting till I have enough financial resources. Truth be told, we can actually start now, start from somewhere, start from little and along the way improve on whatever we have created as some sort of foundation. It’s just best to have little and humble beginnings. It keeps us on track and tells us of the journey ahead

WISHING I have a lot of money right now to act out my ideas. There are a lot of things to be done with money but this money seems not to be coming my way.

DETERMINED to just do me regardless of what people feel or say. Lately, my mantra has been to do whatever I want to do with no care in the world. I’m also determined to let my inner child free and live my best life
Currently I Am

WEARING this shift dress off my collection. I just love how free and comfy I am in my shift dress. It’s something I can wear all day everyday

SO this has been my life lately. Would love to hear from you..How has life been for you lately??

16 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM

    1. Well life’s been a rollercoaster lately but like they say what doesn’t kill you better start running. Craving s bit of Shawama myself lol. Nice post 👍🏾

  1. Life…Hmmm. this life ehn. Mine has been pretty good, although with a few hitches here and there. But God has been faithful. Like you said, “start from somewhere” . That’s just what I’m trying to do.
    See you at the top!
    P.S: love those loop earrings. 😍😍😍😍

  2. Yaay! Happy for you and your brand. Can’t wait to see the unveiling. I trust you’ll be a badass CEO. All the things I’m craving presently, I can’t have because fitfam *cries*

  3. hey girl. just keep on being you!! I just don’t understand shawarma tbh lol. I want meat pie in stead lol. I feel like i’m the only person who hasn’t listened to the juice yet. and cheers to brighter things wish your brand the best

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