5 Interesting facts about me

Five interesting facts about me waaaawwwuuu!!!.
If you an avid reader of my blog you’d notice that my blog rotates around fashion, lifestyle and inspiration. I have really never gotten the hang of other posts like this or posts that deviate from fashion, lifestyle and inspiration in a while now. In essence, I have really not gotten on a personal level with you guys. Hence this post
Here are the five interesting facts or not so weird facts about me, just read on
I am: Ada which in igbo language means the first daughter. The fact is I’m not just the first daughter, I am the first and only daughter of a family of five boys. The second child though. So no one really can mess with me, if you try that you sure do know the rest.

My name is: Just Ada, this actually needs some reiteration as so many people think that ADA is the short form that they has to be some suffix. So when I go out of my way to introduce myself as Ada, they go on saying things like “Ada what” and I’m like is just Ada but then they don’t take that for an answer. I just give up by adding whatever suffix that comes to mind say “adaora” . So yeah my name is Ada and not adaora but I kinda like the name “adaora” too

I prefer: reading magazines and newspapers to novels. The art of reading newspapers stems from the family. My father is greatly obsessed with newspapers and that uncanny love for it flows down from the head of the house to the last child. If newspapers were indeed money, my family would be the richest family but sadly that’s not the case. Who remembers the hints magazines of those days??? ( childhood days were the best ). I started reading that magazine from an early age and anytime its in hiding (by my aunt) I’d always find a way to fish it out… and then I read other magazines and more magazines and till date my love for magazines and newspapers usurps my love for novels

I’m in love with three things: naah, not family, God and my boyfriend. That’s stating the obvious. Like who doesn’t love God, family and spouse. The weird fact is I’m in love with dance, shopping and the feeling of being in love especially your first love. I started dancing since I was little. I’m so much in love with dance that when I’m not dancing, I dance in my mind. So much in love with dance that with music playing anywhere I move unknowingly to the rhythm and beat. My close friends know this because I danced virtually in every phase of my life from nursery to primary school to secondary school down to the university and even in NYSC camp. I was the second best dancer ( of which people thought I should have been the first, pfftt story for another day) and I’m also a member of the NYSC dance and drama troupe.

Even the urban dictionary has a lot to say on this….Yeah yeah, I’m an ada
For shopping, if I’m in such a very bad mood I let go of that mood by shopping. Shopping keeps me sane, shopping keeps me happy. I look forward to shopping like a bride to be looks forward to her wedding day and for love I love to fall in love. I love the feeling of being in love and when I think about my first love and all its shenanigans, it still sends shivers down my spine.

I’m greatly obsessed: with mirrors and pictures You can call me vain but I don’t care. I feel incomplete without mirrors in the house. It’s so bad that back in school my mum got a mirror for me but I never used it because it was so small to see my awesome self in it, rather I’d leave the comfort of my hostel room to go downstairs and use the standing mirror. In fact I was called the mirror girl while in100level. Every girl that passed by the mirror stand knew me. That mirror stand in school started a lot of conversations and initiated a lot of relationships between me and other girls in school and for pictures, you all already know my profounding love for pictures which is quite becoming a great obsession. Hence my wide grin and hearty smiles and sometimes heavy laughs while taking pictures on the blog. It’s so bad that when my close friend take pictures they have me in their mind while trying to strike a pose.
On this fateful day, I and my friend went swimming but rather than feel the freshness of the water on my body, I decided to take pictures first. Typical Ada puts a halt to life’s activities to take pictures and then resumes back to those activities

This is my life story, This is me…… whats yours???? Do let me know in the comment section, thanks for dropping by

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  1. I can relate to the mirror thing so much! like all day every day just wanna be seeing my reflection, lol. funny , I actually thought your name was Adaora. I don’t know why. lol, I’m glad you were finally able to put a post up.

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