Guess who got featured on our blog, Yeah yeah it’s Olayode Juliana aka Toyo baby of Jenifa’s diary. She is a beautiful lady in and out. She has such fine talent, very spirited and a devoted christian. She is gifted in all ramifications. Although an actress, she still gives us a word on two on what she knows about fashion.
Adagirl: Hi, hi… My name is Ada Ugochukwu. I am a graduate of Geography from the University of Ibadan. I am currently serving in Ilorin and I am also a fashion blogger. Can we meet you please?
Toyobaby: My name is Olayode Juliana aka Toyo baby of Jenifa’s Diary. I am an actress, I sing, I write and I am working on a book. I hope that the book will be published come next month before the end of August. The book is titled ‘when love say’. I am not going to tell you much about the book so that you can keep your fingers crossed and the moment the book is out you can get your copy. I am a christian. That’s basically everything about me.

Adagirl: How did you get into acting??
Toyobaby: Acting for me began when I was in childrens’ church but then I was not really good. Growing up, you know we feel that those people who are really good in acting are the ones that are allowed to play the roles of daddy and mommy. So if you are asked to play the role of a daughter, you would be like ‘ ah, I am just a ‘wakapass’ in this drama…….. ‘laughs’. I always say that these people will never make me play the role of anything major. But I started acting professionally in 2013 when I feautured in a tv series titled ‘me, myself and my diary. I don’t think that that series is out yet but some people say they have seen it. I think the one that’s out that so many people see is Jenifa’s diary. Asides Jenifa’s diary, I have done a couple of other movies like ‘couple of days’ ‘where does beauty go’ and a number of stage plays like about three and a lot of skits.

Adagirl: In your own words, what do you understand by fashion and style?
Toyobaby: I think fashion is a reflection of you because whatever you put on reflects what you think about yourself and who you are because when you are dressed we see who you see yourself as and what you think about yourself. For some people,they feel comfortable in exposing their body, that is where they get their confidence from. For some other people, they like to cover their body. They feel more comfortable when people admire the clothes on their body and not just their body.

Adagirl: What is your take on Nigerian Fashion Industry?
Toyobaby: It is good to know that the NIgerian Fashion Industry is improving and its good to know that so many designers are coming up. Before now, all that our designers used to make where only native materials (ankara), lace but now we get to sew so many designers designing something really creative with chiffon and all sorts of materials and then we see a cloth or a dress and be like ‘wow, so this is actually made in Nigeria and not from Turkey or Dubai. It is good to know how much we are improving. I hope that we also see a lot of designers infuse decency into designing. I remember this particular dress I wanted to get, the dress was so lovely but the only thing that made me not to get it was because it was too short and for me I dont like anything that is too revealing.

Adagirl: Which is a factor when it comes to getting your own fashion pieces?, Is it pricetag, personal preference or because Its trending?
Toyobaby: I don’t where stuffs because it’s in vogue. I think it’s my personal style I look at when getting a fashion piece. I just pick up a cloth I like and be like ‘ I think I should do this and this, I should mix this colour with this. Its only if I am styled by some designers I can actually wear what they want me to wear but when I style myself, I just do me. I mean, what is trending is actually everywhere and you know its just like wearing a cloth and then before you step out of your estate, you see more than 3 people wearing that cloth. So yeah, I’d rather do something that is not out there. That does not mean that trending clothes are not nice.

Adagirl: Are you a follower of trends or you just do you?
Toyobaby: I do me, I am not a follower of trends.There are so many thigs trending that I don’t involve myself in. The truth is we can never meet up all the time. There are times where something is trending and just when we think that you have gotten that which is trending something else comes up. The world goes round and round, there were days when people never liked any skirt that had pleats, they assumed that it was meant for some particular set of people, I would not want to mention any denomination. Now we see a lot of people wearing pleated skirts with crop tops. Also, when we try to follow trends we start loosing ourselves in the process, we start wanting to do anything to get in the trend. We would try as much as possible to get what kIm kardashian is wearing or whoever your fashion Icon is. I think its just better to be you and do yourself. I’ll say I will just do my thing

Adababy: Now to the part I love most…. Have you heard about
Toyobaby: yes, I have heard about and I have gone through her blog. She is right here conducting this interview.

Adababy: What do you have to say about her blog?
Toyobaby: Well, is a blog that gives out style tips on whatever fashion piece that you have. Ada tries to tell us through her blog what to wear and what not to wear especially in her post of TGIF. Her blog isn’t only about clothes, she talks about hair too well just a post on that, which is quite good because she is not limiting her scope.
Adagirl: Do you know any notable fashion blogger?
Toyobaby: eeerrm, none I can think of right now. I don’t know really

Adagirl: okay, thats fine. Its expected.. Many of us do not know, even before I started this fashion blog I did not know any fashion blogger but you know, it comes with the business. When you are in the business you have to look up to other people that have been there, you know follow them to know watsup and then I started knowing fashion bloggers

Toyobaby: Isn’t Bella naija a fashion blogger?
Adagirl: Fashion with a whole lot of other stuffs
Toyobaby: Well, at least I know one fashion blogger …….*laughs*

Adagirl: *laughs*……Toyobaby thank you for having this interview with us
Toyobaby: Thank you for having me as well


  1. What an interesting read! Juliana is indeed an inspiring figure in the industry. Well done, Ada. I look forward to even bigger things in the future.

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